10 Facts About Canada’s flag

Canada’s flag is simple but nice looking and professional. Do you know how the flag came about and meaning behind it? Read the 10 facts about the Canadian flag to learn more. It is one of the youngest flags in the world.

1. Lester B. Pearson is the Canadian Prime Minister responsible for ensuring that Canada has an official national flag.

2. February 15, 1965, is the official date that the red and white Canadian flag was adopted and on this date, it was raised on Parliament Hill. So in comparison to other countries, the flag is very young. So February 15 is National Flag Day.

3. The Canadian flag is usually referred by 3 names – The Maple Leaf, the National Flag of Canada, and ‘l’Unifolié’ (in French).

4. The Colours – unlike other countries, Canada’s flag is simple, only consisting of 2 colours – red and white. These 2 colours are Canada’s official colours as proclaimed by his majesty King George V of the United Kingdom in 1921. The red; refers to the Cross of St. George, and the white; the French Royal Emblem.

5. Canadian mountaineer Laurie Skreslet took it to Mount Everest (tallest mountain in the world) for the first time, the highest point the Canadian flag has ever reached in the world.

6. Still flying proudly in France at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial is the old Canadian Red Ensign. A very humbling and proud experience being there in person, one I recommend to any Canadian or tourist visiting France.

7. The Canadian flag first reached space in 1984 on NASA’s spacecraft the Challenger space shuttle by Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau – the first Canadian astronaut to get to space.

8. Maple Leaf – designed by Jacques Saint-Cyr of Quebec, it is the national emblem of Canada, since 1834.

9. Design – the flag was designed by George Stanley after beating out the competition, over 5000 people sent in their designs.

10. The Flag on the Peace Tower in Ottawa – The Canadian flag on the peace tower is changed every weekday. All the used ones are donated to Canadian residents. Because of extremely high demand, waiting time is 100 years; so you need to sign up now… you may not live long enough to receive it personally but your kids and grand-kids will!

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