10 Facts About Regina

Welcome to Regina, the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. An area that used to be inhabited by the Indigenous peoples of Canada and used to be known as “Pile of Bones”. So Regina has a very long history, a land that is sacred and very important to the history of Canada.

1. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan and the second largest city in the province. It officially became a city in 1903.

2. Regina is home to the RCMP’s cadet training centre, the only one in Canada. So if you ever want to be a Mountie (an RCMP officer) you will have to go live in Regina for the duration of your training.

3. Regina was established in 1882 and in 1901 had a population of just over 2200 people. Today, the city has a population of over 225,000 people, making it one of Canada’s largest. It is one of the youngest cities in Canada.

4. It is the 18th largest city in Canada.

5. Nicknamed the “Regina Cyclone” it is the worst tornado in the history of Canada – killing at least 28 people.

6. Wascana Lake is a man made lake, and was created in 1883. It was drained in the winter and fall of 2003 – 2005 in order to make it deeper by 16 ft (5 metres). This beautiful lake is right beside the parliament of Saskatchewan.

7. Named after our “Milky Way” Galaxy, the Milky Way ice cream shop in Regina serves the best ice cream in the city. It is the oldest ice cream shop in the city, since 1956. Hands down the best ice cream in the city, and some of the best in Canada.

8. The Medicare system here in Canada was born and first implemented in Regina.

9. Regina means Latin for Queen. It was named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

10. The area now known as Regina used to be called oskana ka-asastēki translated as “Pile of Bones”. The area was a hunting ground of Bison by the Indigenous peoples of Canada. They stacked Bison bones in the area to honour the animals’ spirit.

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