12 Facts About Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (sometimes referred to as PEI) is like Canada’s youngest brother. It is the smallest province in Canada, famously known for its red soil, potatoes, beaches, golf courses and so much more. It is also known as the Birthplace of the Canadian Confederation.

1. The official Motto of Prince Edward Island is: “The small protected by the great.”

2. The capital city of the province is: Charlottetown – its largest city.

3. On July 1, 1873 PEI joined the Canadian Confederation, the 8th province to do so.

4. It is Canada’s smallest province, and so it has the smallest population of 158,000.

5. The province has a unique red soil because of the high iron-oxide.

6. Even though Prince Edward Island is the Birthplace of Confederation in 1864, it refused to join.

7. The only reason Prince Edward Island joined Canada was because it had financial problems and a very small population.

8. The province is named after Queen Victoria’s father; Edward, Duke of Kent.

9. Most of Canada’s potatoes comes from Prince Edward Island.

10. Singing Sands Beach is the most beautiful beach in Canada.

11. The province enjoys both summer and winter seasons. The winter is cold due to cold winds from the north pole, but typical temperatures without those cold winds are -3 to -11 but with the cold winds, it can feel like -25 and above!

12. The best time to visit Prince Edward Island is during summer time, around mid July to mid August.

… and there you have it, 12 cool and fascinating facts about the cute province of Prince Edward Island. There are obviously more facts, but these are some of the main one.

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