12 Quick Facts about Kelowna BC


If you love the wine, fishing, and the outdoors, then the city of Kelowna is for you. It is small compared to other Canadian cities but it is beautiful and has a lot of natural charm – one of the best places in Canada to both live and retire. The city is located on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

12 Quick Facts about Kelowna BC

1. Currently, Kelowna is the 3th largest city in British Columbia with a population of 142,146.

2. When the city was incorporated in 1905, it had a very small population of around 600 people.

3. Kelowna celebrated its centennial in May of 2005.

4. Today Kelowna is best known for its wine industry, farms and fruits but back in 1900’s – tobacco was also a booming industry.

5. Speaking of wine, Kelowna is the birthplace of British Columbia‘s wine industry. Calona Vineyards is the oldest winery company in BC (established in 1932).


7. Most Canadians don’t know what Kelowna means or where it got its name from. Kelowna means “Grizzly bear” in the Okanagan First Nation language.


8. The Syilx were the first people to inhabit the Okanagan Valley. They were proud and very skilled hunters.

9. Steamships were the best mode of transportation in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.

10. The city of Kelowna is estimated to be 1,129 feet above sea level.

11. The area surrounding the city has suffered at least 16 wildfires.

12. The city receives over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year.

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