13 Facts About Halifax

There is more to Canada than the most popular cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver… enter Halifax! This beautiful Canadian port city is the capital city of the province of Nova Scotia. Halifax is an excellent and ideal place for trade, imports and exports thanks to its port. It is one of the fastest growing cities in all of North America.

1. Halifax is the 13th largest city in Canada.

2. Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia. It was founded in 1749.

3. Point Pleasant Park is a huge beautiful park in Halifax. It is currently being leased from Great Britain for 1 shilling (a former currency of the United Kingdom and several European countries) annually.

4. Sambro Island Lighthouse – the oldest lighthouse in North America that still works. It opened in 1759 and uses solar power as it’s power source.

5. The city has experienced two extremes as far as weather; the warmest was 37.2 °C and coldest ever recorded day in Halifax was -29.4 °C.

6. Like much of Canada, Halifax has 4 seasons.

7. Halifax Town Clock is one of Halifax’s most recognized sites. It was build by Prince Edward to keep time for him and the British Army. It began keeping time since October 20, 1803. That is a very long time to be keeping track of time.

8. The Halifax Harbour is free of ice, the second largest one of such a kind in the world behind Sydney Australia.

9. Every day in the afternoon, a cannon is fired at the Halifax Citadel Hill – a national historic site, the city’s bride and enjoy. One of the most visited in Canada.

10. The Halifax Public Gardens were founded in 1867, the same year Canada officially became a nation. The site of the gardens has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. The gardens are also home to the first ever covered ice rink in Canada.

11. In 1917 Halifax was in a big crisis. It had one massive explosion now famously known as The Halifax Explosion; the biggest explosion made by man at the time. It was estimated that at least 2000 people died.

12. Many, many decades ago filing a divorce was extremely, extremely rare… and guess where it first happened here in Canada? Halifax, 1750, was the year the first divorced was ever filed.

13. If you want to buy real estate, we recommend Halifax – some of the lowest in the entire country. You can easily find a home for $300,000.

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