15 Quick Facts About Canada’s Military

Back in the years of World War 1 and World War 2, Canada had a very strong military but unfortunately that is no longer the case. Still Canada has a capable and strong fighting force and has the ability to enlist people very quickly if need be. Here we list 15 quick facts you need to know about Canada’s military and history. Be sure to visit us again for more Canadian military facts!

Canadian Troops in the trenches during WW1

1. Approximately 60,000 Canadian troops died in World War 1 and over 170,000 were injured, many of severely wounded.

The Royal Canadian Navy

2. The Royal Canadian Navy lost about 150 souls.

Nursing Sisters of Canada

3. The Canadian Bluebirds (also known as Nursing Sisters); an all-female special unit of the Canadian Army of over 2500 nurses who served our country in World War 1 and had equal pay as men. The first among the allies. They also must have had training as nurses before joining the ranks of the bluebirds, so these women were highly skilled and trained – the best of the best. They saved so many lives and in the process some of them losing theirs. It is estimated that over 50 bluebirds died.

Snowbirds – Demonstration Team of Canada’s Army

4. The Snowbirds are the official aerobatics and air demonstration squad of the Canadian military. The squadron is a team of highly skilled pilots that perform awe-inspiring acrobatic air shows all over the world – a demonstration of perfect teamwork, loyalty, professionalism and skill of the Canadian Army. Expect to see them all over the country on Canada Day.

Canada’s Parachute Demonstration Team

5. The Canadian Forces have another demonstration team – The SkyHawks, they are a Parachute Demonstration Team. They perform all across the country and the world in air airshows, and other events. Expect to see them every Canada Day across the country.

World War II

6. During World War II, many brave men and women enlisted to join the military, but unfortunately, not everyone was accepted for health reasons. The military recognized the bravery and courage of those who were not accepted and gave them all special badges.

Pearl Harbor

7. Canada declared war on Japan before the United States when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

General Jennie Carignan

8. It is said that Jennie Carignan is the first ever combat female general in modern history.

CFS Alert Base

9. Located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region – Nunavut, Canada; the Canadian Forces Station Alert is the world’s northmost inhabited destination.

Royal Military College of Canada

10. Royal Military College of Canada is the official military university of Canada. It is located in Kingston, Ontario.

Canadian military training

11. The Canadian military allows women to serve in every role.

Base Petawawa

12. Canada does not own or operate any military bases outside of Canada.

Nato Alliance

13. Among all the among NATO allies, Canada is the 2nd LAST in terms of defense spending. Canada’s military is about 60,000 active personnel, so that means about 0.5 percent of the population are enlisted.

South African War

14. Canada’s first overseas conflict was in the South African War (1899-1902).

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