16 Facts About Saskatchewan

Nicknamed “the land of living Skies”, Saskatchewan is a Canadian province with a huge land mass, and a small population. It is a unique land of mustard, rivers, and farmland. Despite the small population, they have a strong economy where the average annual income is around $70,000 a year and a strong education system. If you love nature, peace and quiet… hard work, and good money, then Saskatchewan awaits.

1. Saskatchewan used to be one with the Northwest Territories and Alberta once upon a time.

2. It officially joined the Canadian confederation on September 1, 1905.

3. English is the most spoken language in the province and is the official language. Another language worth mentioning is Cree , which is spoken by many First Nations of Saskatchewan.

4. Saskatchewan is a Canadian prairie province that is located between Manitoba and Alberta, with the Northwest Territories in the north. It is also bordered by the United States to the south.

5. It is a big province with a small population of 1,190,657, making it the 6th most populated province in Canada.

6. The capital city of Saskatchewan is Regina which has a population of around 225,000 people.

7. But the largest city in the entire province is called Saskatoon, with an estimated population of 256,000 people.

8. Canada’s first ATM Machines were used in Saskatchewan.

9. Saskatchewan has an official motto: “Strength from Many Peoples”.

10. The province of Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada without a natural border.

11. Much like the rest of Canada, the province has a lot of lakes, at least 100,000 of them.

12. Speaking of lakes, about 10% of the lakes in the province is fresh water.

13. The province gets more Sunshine than any other province in Canada.

14. Most of Canada’s mustard comes from Saskatchewan, around 75%.

15. The official flower is the Western Lily, a protected species.

16. Saskatchewan is the training grounds of Canada’s federal police; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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