18 Awesome Facts About The Beautiful Banff National Park

I honestly do not think there are enough words in any language to describe how beautiful Banff National Park is. Most people simply say it is: Heaven On Earth. Located in the beautiful province of Alberta, this majestic park is one of Canada’s many national and precious treasures. If you want to connect with nature, with God and just “get away and find yourself”… then Banff National Park is where you should go.

To call Banff special is an understatement. It does not matter what time of year; you will be inspired, you will be amazed, you will be in awe. Lakes, mountains, glaciers, diverse wildlife, hot springs, caves and so much more… Banff National Park has it all!

18 Awesome Facts About The Beautiful Banff National Park

“Even a bad day in the mountains is still better than a great day in the office.” — Canadian Proverb

1. Banff is named after the historic county of Banffshire in Scotland, where two members/directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway were born. The Canadian Pacific Railway was key to the Park’s growth.

2. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park and the 3rd oldest in the world – since 1885.

3. Banff National Park is 2,564 square miles. Located west of Calgary.

4. It has over 1000 hiking trails.

5. Within this magnificent park is the town of Banff, which has a population of around 7900 people. At an elevation of 1,383 meters/4,537 feet… it is the highest town in Canada.

6. The park is open all year.

7. It is the most visited National Park in Canada with an estimated 4 million visitors a year.

8. The most visted landmark in Banff is the majestic castle, typically referred to as “Castle in the Wilderness”; The Fairmont Banff Springs. It is a luxurious resort, so it is not cheap (average prices $340 – $500+ a night). It is a National Historic Site of Canada. It was also the largest hotel in the world when it was built. This place will make you feel like royalty!

9. Lake Louise (named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta), located in Banff National Park is one of the most popular lakes in the world and the most photographed. It is so picture perfect with mountains in the background, and its turquoise coloured water that some people think pictures taken of it have been edited in some way. It is home to the famous Fairmont Chateau Hotel.

The beautiful Lake Louise

10. Banff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – since 1984. So it is very important not just to Canada, but to the world at large.

11. Most of the mountains in Banff are very old, well over 100 million years old. Long before humans and even before dinosaurs existed. It does not get any historic than this. It is a special place.

12. The park is well over 50 species of mammals, to name a few; black bears, wolverine, moose, wolves, beavers, and so much more!

13. This beautiful National Park has over 1000 glaciers.

14. Over 900 species of grasses, flowers, and trees.

15. Banff is home to 7 of Canada’s National Historic Sites; Banff Park Museum, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Skoki Lodge, Abbot Pass Hut, Howse Pass, Cosmic Ray Station, Cave and Basin.

16. At 3,612 meters/11,850 feet, Mount Forbes is the highest Mountain within Banff National Park (not including the surrounding areas).

17. The beautiful Lake Minnewanka is man made.

18. Over 2500 campsites.

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