20 Basic facts about Canada

Here you will discover 20 basic facts about Canada you might know about. Many Canadians like to run to the tropics, countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic and other places in the Caribbean and the world…. but tend to overlook the majestic beauty that Canada has to offer – literally, Canada has it all. Check out some of the facts below.

1. Banff National Park – one of Canada’s best tourist attraction is the oldest and best national park in Canada. Its awe-inspiring beauty inspires millions of people in the world.

2. Interac e-Transfer is the most used service of sending money via email in Canada from bank to bank. It is used by over 1 million times every single day.

3. 1900 – The year Canadians first participated in the Olympics.

4. The province of Manitoba has the most Garter snakes in the world. These snakes are usually friendly and harmless.

5. Millhaven Institution is the largest prison in Canada, it is located in Bath, Ontario.

6. Canadians consume the most macaroni and cheese in the world, no one else is close. Canadians love this stuff.

7. Over 15,000 polar bears live in Canada, the most in the world. These are beautiful animals.

8. Eastern Canada’s population is a lot older than the population in Western Canada. But East Canada has nothing to fear as it attracts the most immigrants, especially young ones and has a much bigger population.

9. The beautiful and new roller coaster in Vaughan, Ontario is the tallest and fastest dive coaster in the world. It is known as the Yukon Striker – located in Canada’s Wonderland.

10. World Waterpark is the largest indoor wave pool in the world. It is located in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta.

11. The Canadarm is Canada’s most popular robotic and technological achievement.

12. The Territory of Nunavut has license plates shaped like polar bears.

13. Marc Garneau is one of Canada’s first astronaut’s and the first one to get to space. He is also the current Minister of Transport. He’s a high achiever and a brilliant man.

14. Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world.

15. Victoria Day is a federal government holiday in Canada in honour of Queen Victoria. It was made official in 1845.

16. The Canadian territory of Nunavut is absolutely massive, so big that it takes up one-fifth of Canada’s total land area.

17. In Canada, dog food is deductible if it is for a service dog.

18. Most of Canada’s wine is produced in the following provinces; Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

19. Canada’s most valuable natural resource is water… and it does not like to share it with other nations.

20. Canada has the second largest grey wolf population in the world.

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