20 Facts About Ottawa

Ottawa is a quiet but fun place, an excellent city to raise a family. How much do you know about Ottawa? Whatever you know, or don’t know… here are some 20 facts about Ottawa that you may find interesting.

1. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada; and being the capital city, both English and French are widely spoken.

2. Before it was called Ottawa, the city was known as Bytown. It officially became Ottawa in 1855.

3. Ottawa is the 7th coldest capital city in the world. It gets really cold in the winter here. It was once the second coldest capital city once upon a time.

4. The Rideau Canal in the winter becomes the biggest ice skating rink in the world.

5. Ottawa is the most educated city in Canada – a very large number of people are in school.

6. Ottawa is home to the most important street in Canada – Wellington St, home to Parliament Hill.

7. Ottawa has over 14 Museums.

8. The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

9. Over 80 of the world’s embassies call Ottawa home.

10. Ottawa is a Multicultural city.

11. The 4th largest city in Canada is Ottawa, with a population of almost 1 million people.

12. The biggest employer in the city is the Government of Canada, and the second is the city. So the economy is dominated by the public sector. But Ottawa is also known as the technology hub of Canada with over 1,800 tech companies. Perhaps the best known being the popular e-commerce platform Shopify.

13. Ottawa is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

14. The Tulip Festival is the most popular festivals in the city; a beautiful display of Tulips (flowers) every year that are delivered from the Netherland as a gift to Canada after Canada helped the Dutch in World War 2. Another huge festival, the second biggest is Winterlude Festival.

15. Ottawa is one of the youngest cities in Canada. Roughly half the population are under 40 years of age.

16. The Queen of Great Britain Victoria is the one who decided that Ottawa would be the capital city in 1857.

17. Ottawa is home to 2 major sports teams; Ottawa Senators of the NHL (National Hockey League), and the Ottawa RedBlacks of the CFL (Canadian Football League).

18. Ottawa means to trade in the Algonquin word Adawe.

19. Ottawa has 4 seasons; Summer, Fall, Spring, and Winter. Winter is the longest season, and it gets a lot of snow. Lowest ever recorded temperature was – 36.1 °C and the highest 37.8 °C.

20. On February 3, 1916, a fire destroyed the center block of the parliament buildings.

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