38 Cool, Weird, Fun and Interesting Facts About Alberta

Do you know where the name “Alberta” comes from? Beautifully named, the province is named after the British Princess; Louisa Caroline Alberta, one of Queen Victoria’s (Great Britain) daughters. The province has cultivated a culture similar to the American State of Texas of hard work and hospitality. Alberta is a beautiful province blessed by the hand of God with natural beauty and resources making it one of the richest places not just in Canada but in the world. Alberta is my favourite province in Canada, lived there for many years and have family in Edmonton.

How much do you know about Alberta? Discover these cool, fun, weird, fascinating and interesting facts about the province of Alberta below.

1. Alberta was named by John Campbell – 9th Duke of Argyll. He was the 4th Governor General of Canada. The husband of Princess Louisa Caroline Alberta.

“In token for the love which thou has Shown
For this wild land of freedom, I have Named
A Province vast, and for its beauty Famed,
By thy dear name to be hereafter Known.
Alberta shall it be!” – John Campbell – 9th Duke of Argyll

2. Established in 1905, Alberta is one of the youngest provinces in Canada.

3. The capital city of Alberta is Edmonton.

4. Alberta has the 4th highest population in Canada at just over 4.3 million people.

5. 74% of the population speak English.

6. Over 60% of the province is Christian.

7. Its largest city is Calgary. I love Calgary, been there many times.

8. Alberta has an official motto: Strong and free.

9. Alberta joined the Canadian confederation in 1905.

10. The Wild Rose is the province’s official flower.

11. Once upon a time back in the 1850’s, most of the land that is present day Alberta used to belong to the Northwest Territories.

12. Alberta’s neighbours are: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and the United States.

13. Did you know that Alberta is the only province in Canada that is free of Norwegian rats? Yep – one of the very few places on the planet. And it is illegal for residents to own them.

14. Alberta does not have a provincial police; most police services are provided by the federal government’s RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

15. Most of Canada’s beef/meat comes from Alberta.

16. Alberta is one of 2 “landlocked” provinces in Canada, meaning the province does not have access to the ocean.

17. Alberta is home to the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall located in Edmonton.

18. Alberta is usually referred to as a “Prairie” province because huge areas of the province are covered by plains, grassland, and lowlands. Alberta has the most prairie land in Canada.

19. Alberta’s main economic sectors are: oil/energy, algriculture and services. In terms of natural resources, Alberta is the richest province in Canada.

20. Per capita, Alberta has the second highest average income in Canada at $80,000 per year.

21. Albertans work very hard. The general population have a very high work ethic. The best work ethic in Canada; working 60 – 80 hours a week is normal. Thus people here earn more money than in most provinces.

22. It’s not all about making money though, an estimated 80% of Albertans do some kind of volunteer work.

23. Usually referred to as the “Texas of Canada”, Alberta has most cowboy culture in Canada. The province is rich in oil just like the state of Texas. The Texas like cowboy culture and mentality has made Alberta very different from the rest of Canada. This is mainly due to Americans from Texas migrating to Alberta in the 1880s bringing with them their music, culture, and style.

24. In terms of politics, Canada has two main parties; Conservatives (blue) and Liberals (red). Alberta is a Conservative province, the most Conservative province in Canada.

25. The most beautiful national park in Canada is located in Alberta; Banff National Parks.

26. The Halloween phrase “Trick or treat” originated in Alberta.

27. Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada (1885).

28. Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alberta has a lot of dinosaur fossils.

29. Shared with the Northwest Territories; Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada is the second largest national park in the world (largest in Canada). It is larger than some countries. The park is a world heritage site. If you want to see lots of Bison, come here.

30. Lake Louise is named after Queen Victoria’s (Great Britain) daughter Princess Louise.

31. Not the most popular, but certainly the oldest: The Raymond Stampede is the oldest rodeo Stampede in Canada, started back in 1902 to celebrate Canada on July 1. Raymond is a small town in Alberta.

32. The Calgary Stampede is one of most popular outdoor events in Canada; spread over several days attracting over 1 million people. It features stage shows, concerts, rodeos, etc. The highest number of people to attend was back in 2012 at 1,409,371 people.

33. Winters in Alberta are cold and summers warm.

34. In an effort to start pumping oil in Fort McMurray by the province, Fort McMurray was almost nuked with a nuclear weapon.

35. If you love Star Trek, you will love this; The town Vulcan, Alberta is the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada with a museum and a huge replica of the Enterprise Starship.

36. The city of Lloydminster is shared by both the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

37. Wolverine in Marvel is from Alberta, born in Cold Lake.

38. An estimated 200,000 free pancakes are consumed during The Calgary Stampede.

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