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… a great nation – great in thought, great in action, great in hope, and great in position. ~ John A. Macdonald (First Prime Minister of Canada).

Our Mission Is Simple

To provide simple and truthful facts about Canada.

There is no website that specifically provides people ONLY facts about Canada, and so factsaboutcanada.ca exists to solve that. We are the most comprehensive, authoritative, factual, and info source on Canada. We are based in our nation’s capital - Ottawa. We are a private website, owned by regular people... so we are NOT affiliated or owned by the government of Canada or any third party organization. We do not receive nor have we ever received any funds from the Canadian government or third parties.

Canada At A Glance

Canada gained its independence from Great Britain in 1867. It is the second-largest country in the world, and it has plenty of natural resources which is why its economy ranks among the world's strongest. Canada also has a vast population of over 37 million people with more than 65% who live within 100 kilometres of the U.S. border, speaking one of two official languages: English or French. July 1st, of every year is Canada Day.

Gallery - Beauty of Canada

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British Columbia
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