Brian Mulroney Quotes

18th Prime Minister of Canada

Brian Mulroney

The 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, is a Canadian lawyer, businessman, and politician. Mulroney studied political science and law in Baie-Comeau, an eastern Quebec city. After moving to Montreal, he became a prominent labour lawyer. He was appointed president of the Iron Ore Company of Canada in 1977 after placing third in the 1976 Progressive Conservative leadership election. His tenure as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party ended in 1983.

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1. Trudeau's contribution was not to build Canada but to destroy it, and I had to come in and save it.

2. You cannot name a Canadian prime minister who has done as many significant things as I did, because there are none.

3. The biggest trading partner of the United States is not West Germany or Japan, it's right here.

4. I am not denying anything I did not say.

5. If everything is very important, then nothing is important.

6. When I appointed the Minister of the Environment to major cabinet status, the Planning and Priorities committee, the signals that that sent through Ottawa were major, because that's what the bureaucracy understands.

7. First, President Reagan was not enthusiastic. But I built up a relationship with him in other areas and then persuaded him that this was important to us and to me, and that we had to at least be in the process of looking at this seriously.

8. So that was Reagan's political problem. As a rancher in California, he was an environmentalist himself. But the President of the United States doesn't control everything that happens in Washington.

9. The Conservatives over the years have done a great deal, from Sir John A, to Diefenbaker, and others.

10. Whether the process proves to be Kyoto or something else, let's acknowledge the urgency of global warming.

11. I would go to them and I would explain this is the price of going forward. We're going to move ahead in all these other areas. We're moving ahead in tax reform and GST, we are moving ahead on trade, but this will not be done at the cost of the environment.