Canada’s Top 10 WORST Prime Ministers

The majority of people judge a government based on the following categories: the economy, the environment, corruption, policies here at home, foreign policy, culture, civil liberties and how you treat our Canadian heroes (Veterans) as well as seniors. If we were to break down each government/prime minister based on each category above, this article would be one huge giant wall of text and you would not like it. The prime ministers on this list were either; BAD or did literally nothing.

Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they discovered what has transpired in the last 10 plus years of leadership by the two men in 1st and 2-second place on this list. Comment below and share your thoughts. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

1. Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau (Liberal & current prime minister of Canada): It does not give us any pleasure to list Justin as the worst Prime Minister in the history of Canada… in fact, we have no problem openly admitting that we voted for him back in 2015. But we cannot think of any prime minister in the history of our great country that has caused the amount of damage that Justin has. Perhaps the biggest two reasons that Justin Trudeau is number 1 over Stephen Harper are: the SNC-Lavalin scandal and paying a convicted terrorist over $10 million.

Also a high level of corruption. His government has been accused of allowing well documented ISIS fighters returning to Canada. He has been classified by many as anti-life, undemocratic, a globalist puppet (sending our tax dollars to other countries while our people are suffering) anti-Christian and extremely pro-feminism. Many Canadians were hoping he would follow his father’s footsteps and be somewhat of a good prime minister, but he has been the opposite and his inexperience as a leader has shown many times. He is simply not a leader.

2. Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper (Conservative) was very liked by the American politicians and did a lot of things they liked but over the 10 years that he was prime minister of Canada he never really did anything significant here in Canada. A did a few minor good things here and there but nothing lasting that future generations will point to and say “he was a good or great prime minister because he did this and that.” We cannot point to any great legislation or government program that he left behind. Perhaps some criminal justice reforms? Tax cuts to parents with children? Creating the parliamentary budget office? Not anywhere near enough to qualify him as a great prime minister. Many people say he often did only what benefited him and not Canadians, and some even say he was undemocratic.

3. John Turner

John Turner

Perhaps unfair to have him so high on the list but because he was in office for only a very short time – two months and seventeen days and literally did nothing. We have John on this list because he was viewed by many as incompetent and had old ideas that would not advance Canada forward as a nation. He was forced to resign.

4. Joe Clark

Joe Clark

He didn’t do much and only served as prime minister for roughly 9 months with a minority government. But to his credit, he ended the 16 years of dominance by the Liberals under the leadership of Pierre Trudeau. His inexperience in office was on displayed many times and was viewed as who could not keep his promises and thus a lot of people held a grudge against him.

5. Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell

She was only in office for a short few months, so she literally did nothing wrong. But we give her a lot of credit for being the first and only female to ever serve as prime minister of Canada even though it was a very short tenure.

6. Arthur Meighen

Arthur Meighen

He served as prime minister of Canada two times he really didn’t do much in terms of impact or lasting legacies. Not much negative things to say about him either.

7. Paul Martin

Paul Martin

Before he became prime minister, Paul Martin was finance minister in the previous government when Jean Chrétien was prime minister. Most people agree he was a good finance minister due to his experience in the private sector as a businessman but was an OK prime minister. He took too long to make decisions and was unclear.

8. John Abbott

The 3rd prime minister of Canada, he as was in office for about a year, so he literally did nothing. He died at the age of 72.

9. Charles Tupper

He was prime minister of Canada for only a few months, so he didn’t really do much but he was a founding father of confederation and the 6th prime minister of Canada.

10. Mackenzie Bowell

He had a lot of experience in cabinet and held various titles, but the only reason he was prime minister was due to the fact that the current prime minister at the time (John Thompson) died suddenly. He didn’t do much while in office and was forced to resign. He was the fifth prime minister of Canada.

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