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  • The Top 3 Nakusp Hot Springs in British Columbia

    The Top 3 Nakusp Hot Springs in British Columbia

    If you are willing to take multiple baths in the mineral-rich waters of Nakusp hot springs in British Columbia, at least three can be visited in a single day. Who wouldn’t want to…? I know I would! Two hot springs, Halcyon and Nakusp, offer accommodation on-site, and the other one, Halfway, allows camping. Although each hot spring at […]

  • Victoria Facts

    Victoria Facts

    Victoria is one of Canada’s most popular cities for tourists and locals, for a good reason! Thanks to its mild weather (the most favourable in Canada), gardens bloom all year.  It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and lakes, which makes it an ideal city for any level of anyone, no matter the season. Victoria is […]

  • Vancouver Facts

    Vancouver Facts

    Vancouver is the most densely populated city in British Columbia. Since the 1980s, Vancouver has also emerged as a hub for software and biotechnology companies. It has been called one of Canada’s “brain hubs”. The average income of Vancouverites is higher than most of Canada, and there are significantly fewer low-income residents living in poverty. […]

  • The Beautiful Village of Blue Rocks

    The Beautiful Village of Blue Rocks

    The last time I visited this beautiful village of Blue Rocks – Nova Scotia, was over six years ago. As a writer, I am always looking for stories to write about, and I spotted some potential. However, after some research, I found out the village had been featured on top travel and real estate websites and blogs as […]

  • Top 9 Attractions In Vancouver

    Top 9 Attractions In Vancouver

    Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada and one of the most expensive in the world to live in, but it is justified. Vancouver is best known for its soaring mountains and breathtaking natural beauty. Still, it offers a vibrant downtown, diverse ethnic communities and a lively arts scene. Vancouver’s location on the Pacific Rim makes it […]

  • Surrey Facts

    Surrey Facts

    Incorporated as a city in 1993, Surrey is the second most populated city in British Columbia, with just over 518,000 people. Surrey is known as the “Sunshine City” due to its many parks, gardens, and south-lying position; it has a climate much warmer than in Vancouver. Surrey has a diversified economy with the most employment in public administration, […]

  • Nanaimo Facts

    Nanaimo Facts

    Nanaimo is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, a quiet and peaceful city that attracts many retirees. It is located in the province of British Columbia on Vancouver Island and is a part of the Regional District of Nanaimo. Its population is about 94,000 people. The city’s geography is diverse and includes many mountainous areas and […]

  • Kelowna Facts

    Kelowna Facts

    Kelowna is the seventh-largest city in the province of British Columbia. It is the regional hub for Central Okanagan, and its proximity to the United States border has resulted in a large influx of American retirees. Kelowna’s population as of 2020 is approximately 142,146. It became a city in 1905 and, as of 2009, had an […]

  • Butchart Gardens Facts

    Butchart Gardens Facts

    The Butchart Gardens are the most beautiful collection of gardens in Canada. Jennie Butchart and Robert Pim Butchart, a couple who came from Ontario… established the Gardens in 1906, well before World War 1 and World War 2 (so to say that the gardens have survived to the test time would be a massive understatement). The Gardens were […]

  • British Columbia Facts

    British Columbia Facts

    British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province and the third largest by area. It has a population of about 5,264,485 people (as of 2022) with a total area of 202,950 sq km. The capital city is Victoria, and the most significant cities are Vancouver and Surrey. The province has the best climate in Canada, thus, attracting lots […]