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  • Saint John Facts

    Saint John Facts

    Saint John is a city in New Brunswick, Canada. The city is the port of Saint John, located on the Bay of Fundy on the Northumberland Strait or the western entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay. Saint John has a strong economy and a diverse mix of manufacturing industries. Canada’s second-largest oil refinery is located in Saint John. The […]

  • New Brunswick Facts

    New Brunswick Facts

    Enjoy high tides and lots of potatoes and see food – welcome to New Brunswick, one of Canada’s smallest provinces in Atlantic Canada. The first humans to settle in what is now New Brunswick were mostly Iroquoian and Algonquin peoples, who arrived around 1000 AD. The Mi’kmaq also have a presence throughout this area, as do […]

  • Fredericton Facts

    Fredericton Facts

    Fredericton has been the capital city of New Brunswick since 1785. The first parliament buildings were built in 1786. Between 1832 and 1838, the legislature met at the “Royal Union Hotel” on Queen Street until New Brunswick Legislative Building was opened on York Street. The present legislative buildings were constructed between 1847 and 1872 in the Second Empire […]