Canada is consistently ranked among the happiest people in the world, and here you will learn facts about Canada’s wealthy, famous and people from all walks of life.

The 12 Most Famous Canadians

There are many famous Canadians, however we cannot think of anyone currently more famous than the men and women on this list. This article contains a list of all the famous Canadians that we think should deserve a mention. Some of these men and women have had a profound impact on not just Canadian society, but the world. If we forgot someone, please comment below!

1. Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

This list would be incomplete in our opinion if we left out our popular Canadian Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau. Although he is no longer as popular or as liked here in Canada, he’s still very popular and well liked around the world – his charm and good looks may have something to do with that though. He was born in the nation’s capital – Ottawa. The second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.

2. William Shatner

William Shatner in Star Trek

Captain of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk ladies and gentleman. Even if you don’t watch Star Trek, William Shatner is a legendary actor who has appeared in so many movies, documentaries and shows that it’s almost impossible to count… so you most likely have seen or heard of him. He was born in Montreal, Quebec – Canada. We are honoured and proud to have Mr. Shatner on this list.

3. Wayne Gretzky

The Great One

A young Wayne Gretzky

Nicknamed “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky is a retired hockey player of the National Hockey League. He is the greatest hockey player in the history of the NHL and has and continue to enjoy a lot of success since retiring many moons ago. Wayne was born in the city of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

4. Celine Dion

Celine Dion in a fashion magazine

If there ever were singers who possessed the “voice of an angel”, then Celine Dion is one of them. One of the most recognized figures in the World, Celine was born in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. She has been singing since the ’80s and still does to this day. Not only is she one of the greatest singers ever, but she is also an amazing businesswoman, with a net worth of over $600 million.

5. James Cameron

James Cameron creator of Avatar.

A lot of people don’t this, but the award-winning and legendary director of Avatar and so many other blockbusters, James is indeed a Canadian. He was born in the small town of Kapuskasing in Ontario. Almost all his films are must see!

6. Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland

This legendary actor was born in the beautiful city of Saint John, New Brunswick. The 83 years old legendary actor has been in the movie/show business since the early 1960s.

7. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry

Thanks to the classic hit TV show “Friends”, Matthew Perry is a megastar and one of the most well-known actors and Canadian. He claimed to have physically beaten up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during their time together in school. He is slightly older than Trudeau, so perhaps Matthew is not lying… but we will never truly know unless Justin Trudeau confirms.

8. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

Unless you live under a rock, we are pretty sure you know who Jim Carrey is (at least we hope you do). He was born in the small town of Newmarket in the province of Ontario. He is one of the funniest and most popular actors of all time and has been in more movies than one can count.

9. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Born in the beautiful and world-class city of Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor. He is known for starring in a lot of great movies, two in particular that we really like are “The Green Lantern” and Deadpool.

10. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s nerdy look.

Referred by some as “Lover Boy”, thanks in particular to the popular film “The Notebook”… Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors in the world. The acting was in his blood since he was a child starting off his career as a child actor for Disney. He was born in London, Ontario – Canada.

11. Drake


Drake is as Canadian as it gets. Born in the great city of Toronto, Drake is a superstar Rapper, who is recognized all over the world. His real full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

12. Justin Bieber

A young Justin Bieber singing

Another young Canadian sensation is recognized all over the world. Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who became a star thanks to posting videos of himself singing on YouTube. He was born in London, Ontario.

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The 10 Richest Canadians

Welcome to this article highlighting Canada’s richest. They have ascended above rich… these individuals and families are WEALTHY (money that lasts a very long time, even through generations). They are silent, but wield enormous power and have a tremendous influence on the Canadian economy and politics. This is Canada’s top 10 richest Canadians (this may change at any time and will be updated as such for accuracy).

1. David Thomson

David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet

David Thompson

All alone and unchallenged at the mountain top is David Thomson. He is the richest Canadian by far with an estimated net worth of $26 billion and has been at the top for many, many years. He is the chairman of Thomson Reuters Corporation. Born into the generational wealthy family of Thomson of Fleet, David is the son of Kenneth Thomson. Despite being the richest man in Canada, he is largely unknown to the general public. Most people don’t even know that he’s the co-owner of the NHL hockey club Winnipeg Jets. He is 61 years old and has 5 children.

2. Galen Weston Sr (standing in the center)

Galen Weston Sr

Galen Weston Sr (middle)

The second richest person in Canada is Galen Weston. Not the richest, but slightly more known than David Thomson due to being the majority owner of the largest food supermarket in Canada; Loblaws. He has an estimated net worth of $11 billion. He was also born into generational wealth – the Weston family.

3. James K. Irving

James K. Irving

The third richest person in Canada is James K. Irving, the oldest among with his 2 other brothers (all multiple billionaires of course). He is the owner of J. D. Irving Ltd, a privately owned conglomerate based in the beautiful city of Saint John – New Brunswick. Also born into generational wealth. He has an estimated net worth of just over $8 billion.

4. Jim Pattison

Jim Pattison

From humble beginnings, Mr. Pattison is the 4th richest Canadian and one of the most well known. He dropped out of University, and among many of his jobs, one of them was selling cars. While driving your car… you may have recognized one of those huge billboards with the name “Pattison” on it. Well, that is his company – Jim Pattison Group. Networth is estimated at $6 billion.

5. The Rogers Family

Ted Rogers – founder of Rogers Communications Inc

The “Rogers” name is perhaps the most known name in Canada due to the fact that it’s the name of conglomerate telecom/media giant Rogers Communications Inc. The company is named after its founder Ted Rogers. The family, led by Edward S. Rogers III collectively makes them the 5th richest people in Canada.

6. Lino Saputo & Family

Lino Saputo Sr

Mr. Lino Saputo Sr is a dual citizen; Italian-Canadian. He is currently the 6th richest person in Canada, with an estimated net worth of $5.5 billion. He is the majority shareholder of Saputo Inc, a Canadian dairy company based in Montreal.

7. The Desmarais Family

Paul Desmarais Sr

The Desmarais are the 7th richest family in Canada. Before his death in 2013, the father Paul Desmarais Sr was the man who led Power Corporation of Canada, a conglomerate holding company as CEO and Chairman before stepping down and leaving the position to his sons. With a net worth of over $4 billion, he was one of the richest men in Canada.

8. James Armstrong Richardson Sr & Family

James Armstrong Richardson Sr

Not far behind is the Richardson family, the 8th richest family in Canada. James joined his grandfather’s company James Richardson & Sons, Limited (one of the oldest companies in the world) where he served as an executive. James was also a Cabinet Minister and served under Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. So, he was a man of many talents. A powerful and influential man in both finance and politics.

9. Jeffrey Skoll

Jeffrey Skoll

Still, in his early 50s, Mr. Jeffrey Skoll is one of the youngest billionaires in Canada and our 9th richest person in Canada. He was also eBay’s first employee where he served as President. His stake in an early start-up company known as eBay is responsible for his position today. With a fortune of over $4 billion, Jeff has done really well for himself.

10. Carlo Fidani

Carlo Fidani

Mr. Fidani is the chairman of the Orlando Corporation, which his grandfather started back in 1948. One of the most generous billionaires in Canada, donating millions of dollars to the University of Toronto among many other charitable donations. He is the 10th richest person in Canada.

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