Here you will get to know and discover facts about Canada’s most popular and best destinations to visit or live, some of these facts will shock you.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

From the most beautiful cities in Canada to the most dangerous cities and towns in Canada. We did not create this list, we took it straight from Statistics Canada, the agency responsible for keeping up with the numbers/score of what is going on with Canada as a country. Most Canadians and our international friends don’t know most of these places nor live in them, but it is good to know.

The ranking below is based on the following categories: firearms offences, impaired driving, youth crime, breaking and entering, and impaired driving, homicide, assaults, sexual assaults and other related drugs and offences.

Of course, this does NOT mean that these cities are bad. There are many good people living in these communities and towns that save lives and do an amazing job – wonderful human beings. Ranked in order from 1 to 10.

1. The city of North Battleford

North Battleford is one of the largest cities in the province of Saskatchewan. Consistently ranked number 1 every year, many people attribute North Battleford’s bad reputation and bad luck to its name. Just a theory, but the founder(s) may have cursed this community naming it “Battle”. Some residents say they witness “things” every week!

2. The city of Thompson

Second on this list is the city of Thompson, located in Manitoba. It is one of the largest cities in the province of Manitoba and has beautiful nature. Mining is the city’s main economy. Unfortunately, crime is high here.

3. The city of Wetaskiwin

Welcome to the city of Wetaskiwin! Strange sounding name. We dare you to out loud fast 5 times… see if you can do it (hahaha). Anyway, it is a proud small city, one of the oldest in Canada. This small town is located in the province of Alberta. Beware of home invasions if you ever move here.

4. The city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Named after a prince, Prince Albert is one of the oldest cities in Canada and third largest in the province of Saskatchewan. It is a nice city, with a lot to offer, but beware of drug trafficking and other drug-related activities.

  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • Population: 36,000+
  • Officially Founded: 1885
  • Website:

5. The city of Portage la Prairie

This little town is older than both Canada and the United States! So this small city of 13,000 residents is teeming with history. It is one of the oldest cities in all of North America.

6. The city of Red Deer

The city of Red Deer is one of the most famous cities in Western Canada namely due to its cute name and association with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It is the 3rd largest city in the province of Alberta. Its two major economies are agriculture and oil. Unfortunately, even though it is on this list, it is a thriving city with a good economy.

7. The city of Williams Lake

The city of Williams Lake is a small community of about 10,000 people in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Unfortunately, this community suffers from a lot of gangs and gun-related violence. But it has a lot of greenery and a gorgeous natural scene.

8. The city of Quesnel

It is a very small community located in British Columbia, also surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains and lakes. It is on the way to Yukon.

9. The city of Langley

It is a city with a lot of history – not far from Vancouver. It is one of British Columbia’s biggest.

10. The city of Prince George

The city of Prince George is a city on the north coast of British Columbia and one of the largest in the province with a population of over 74,000 people. As is typical of most towns and cities in British Columbia, Prince George is surrounded by a lot of green space, and nature… perfect for yoga and nature lovers.

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The Largest Cities in Canada

Ranked by population, these Canadian cities are big, they are beautiful, they are small and charming. Ranked from our HQ in Ottawa as of 2019, these are the largest cities in Canada. They are also the most beautiful!

1. Toronto, Ontario


The city of Toronto

Head and shoulders above everyone else is the city of Toronto, located in the province of Ontario. With a population of 5.4 million people and growing, it is the largest city in Canada by far. Toronto is the financial hub of Canada, the headquarters of the 5 richest banks in Canada, as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange. Almost every major corporation in the world has an office in Toronto. Toronto is also the most diverse city in Canada. We have flown over Toronto several times, and it never gets old – absolutely incredible how big and beautiful it is. This awe-inspiring city is also the capital city of the province of Ontario.

2. Montreal, Quebec


Montreal is number two as the 2nd largest city in Canada and the largest city in Quebec with a population of just over 3.5 million people. Montreal is home to the second largest French-speaking population in the world behind France. It is absolutely gorgeous, a world-renowned city with a European charm. Not crazy expensive like Toronto or Vancouver, Montreal is perfect and has everything to offer.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia


Not number 1 or 2, but Vancouver is the most recognized Canadian city in the world. It is a world class city that consistently ranks at top of most world city rankings. It has hosted numerous world events such as the Winter Olympics, the women’s FIFA world cup among others. Beautiful weather, surrounded by mountains, rivers, etc… Vancouver has it all. Even though Vancouver is expensive, it is our favourite city in Canada. It has the largest number of Asians in Canada.

4. Calgary, Alberta


I used to live in Alberta, in a small city about 2 hours from Calgary, and weekend we would drive up to Calgary. Without question Calgary is a first class city and has seen rapid growth over the last 10 plus years since hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics – first Canadian city to ever do so. It is the largest city in the province of Alberta and the 4th largest in Canada. It is referred by many as “Toronto West” due to the high number of corporate offices. Calgary is also the energy capital of Canada. The city has a population of just over 1.2 million. The famous Calgary Stampede is a must-see event.

5. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the 5th largest city in Canada, just recently moved ahead of Ottawa not too long ago with a population of just over 1 million. It is the capital city of Alberta, it’s the second largest. It is a beautiful city, home to the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL and also home to the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. It is a clean, and peaceful city.

6. Ottawa, Ontario


The national capital of Canada

Ottawa used to be as high as number 4 but has dropped down to number 6. It currently has a population of approximately 990,000 people. It is our home base and the capital city of Canada. Just like any typical capital city, it is home to every nations’ embassies, and the famous Parliament buildings, galleries and so much more. Ottawa is a bilingual city, with the two biggest employers being the Federal government and in second place the city of Ottawa. Ottawa used to be known as just a federal city, until the last few years thanks to companies like Shopify, Ottawa has established itself as also a technology city. It is a quiet city, an excellent place to raise a family but just beware about Winter… it gets really cold, and snowy.

7. Winnipeg, Manitoba

city of Winnipeg

Also known as Gateway to the West, at number 7 is Winnipeg, with a population of 710,000. It is a quiet city, you wouldn’t know there are almost a million people while there. It is the largest city in the province of Manitoba and it’s the capital city. The city is slowly but surely growing at a nice and steady pace.

8. Quebec City, Quebec

The City of Quebec

Arguably the most charming city in Canada, Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America and has an estimated population of just over 700,000. It’s also the only walled city in North America. The city is divided into two sections – old and new Quebec, giving the city a nice mixture of old and new architecture. It has a strong European influence, so it feels as if you are in Europe.

9. Hamilton, Ontario


The city of Hamilton has a population of around 695,000 and growing fast. If you like peace and quiet, then Hamilton is the perfect place for you, especially if you are a student. The city is home to one of the best universities in the world McMaster University. But if you want some action, you are not far from Toronto – a short drive.

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Beautiful Shopping Malls in Canada

We are sorry in advance if your city’s mall did not make this list, but coming up 10 of the most beautiful malls in Canada is not an easy task and involves a lot of research. We are certain your mall is just as nice! Anyway, these are our top 10 most beautiful shopping malls in Canada.

1. Toronto Eaton Centre

Toronto Eaton Centre

Located right in the middle of downtown Toronto, this beautiful shopping mall is the most popular shopping mall in Canada. It is even busier than Pearson International Airport! Not only is it the most popular, but it is also the busiest shopping mall in North America. It has almost anything you can imagine, a shopper’s dream. It is clean, modern, and well kept. If you are looking for a fun shopping experience then nothing beats the Toronto Eaton Centre.

2. West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

Welcome to Canada’s Disney Land, ladies and gentlemen – literally. In addition to an amazing shopping experience, it has an amusement park, skating rink, underground waves beach pool… and so much more! This place has it all, you will never get bored here. Your kids would love this place. Did you know that once upon a time back in 2004, the West Edmonton Mall used to be the largest shopping mall in the world?? Even though it lost that title, it is still the largest shopping mall in all of North America. It is the city of Edmonton’s pride and joy… the most valuable property worth over 1 billion dollars. This place is what you call a “mega-mall”.

3. Square One Shopping Centre

Square One Shopping Centre

In second place with the title of largest is the Square One Shopping Centre, located in Mississauga, Ontario. It is not the busiest mall in the province of Ontario, but it is the biggest. This place is huge. It has a lot to offer – good food court, a gym, a lot of different shopping stores, and more. You can find pretty much everything there. If you are done with your shopping, the movie theatre is just a few minutes away from the mall.

4. Montreal Eaton Centre

The Montreal Eaton Centre in downtown Montreal

Located in the underground city of Montreal, this beautiful mall has over 160 stores to please and delight any hardcore shopper. It has a lot of famous brands, restaurants and eateries from all over the world. It’s usually very busy and crowded so plan your trip accordingly. The place is huge so you will be doing quite a bit of walking.

5. Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis at Metrotown in Vancouver

Metropolis at Metrotown is the city of Burnaby’s pride and joy – it is the city’s most valuable property and the 3rd largest mall in Canada. This big beautiful complex has over 400 stores and services. It is a shopper’s paradise. It also has a Walmart and a Superstore, so it has everything you need under one roof.

6. Rideau Centre


The Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa

We are based in Ottawa, so we pass through here at least once a week. Located on Rideau St, in downtown Ottawa – just a short wall to the Parliament buildings, this beautiful shopping mall is one of the busiest and profitable shopping malls in Canada. It is the biggest and busiest in Ottawa. It has 4 levels, with a new and modern food court, varies famous clothing brands, gift shops, and so much more. It has a lot to offer.

7. The Pacific Centre

The Pacific Centre

Pacific Centre or simply “The Pacific” is a shopping mall located in the beautiful heart of downtown Vancouver. It is owned by the commercial real estate developer Cadillac Fairview. As it currently stands, The Pacific is the 7th busiest mall in Canada. A lot of free parking, so the location is perfect. Signs are well placed so you know where to go and what is what, security staff is helpful, and so much more.

8. CORE Shopping Centre

CORE Shopping Centre

Not only does this shopping mall have a cool name but it is perhaps the coolest shopping mall in Canada with its unique architecture and design. It is right in downtown Calgary, so it is a must visit when you are downtown. It is highly rated by many shoppers and has almost everything you need.

9. CF Polo Park

CF Polo Park

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this mall is the largest mall in the city. It is a beautiful and big shopping mall with over 200 stores and services. One of our favourite places is the food court – it has a lot of different food options to quench one’s taste.

10. Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Last but not least on our list is Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This place is a huge shopping mall, just a few kilometres from Toronto’s downtown core… it is one of the best shopping malls in all of Canada. Some shoppers refer to Yorkdale as the “mecca of shopping” and we don’t disagree. It is beautiful, clean, elegant and has everything you need. If you have expensive taste, then the number of high-end stores here will be more than happy to welcome you through their doors.

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Best Airports in Canada & Airport Codes

Canada & the United States are not particularly known for having the most beautiful airports, but in this article, we feature 10 of the best airports that Canada has to offer; some are small, some are big but they are all efficient, fast, and get the job done. Ranked in order, these are the best airports in Canada.

1. Vancouver International Airport (Code: YVR)

Consistently rated the best airport in Canada and internationally, Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond. It is the second busiest airport in Canada. It has won multiple awards here in Canada and on the world stage. Without exaggerating, it is truly a world class airport, beautifully designed with public comfort in mind. Some airports are way too big, thus it is always a race against time to get to your terminal and some are too small, feels overcrowded and just uncomfortable – not YVR, Vancouver’s airport feels just right. The signage, the design, architecture, etc… definitely deserving of number 1.

2. Toronto Pearson International Airport (Code: YYZ)

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Huge airport, modern, and very nice… Pearson International Airport is Canada’s biggest and busiest airport. The airport is named after one of the most popular Canadian prime ministers – Lester B. Pearson. It is big and extremely busy, one of the busiest in the world. Its huge size, unfortunately, makes it easy for newcomers to the airport to get lost and thus miss their flights, so signage could definitely be improved. Nonetheless, this is a first class airport and one of the best in the world.

3. Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Code: YUL)

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Named after one of Canada’s longest-serving and popular prime ministers – Pierre Trudeau, the Pierre Elliot International Airport is a premier airport in Canada, and one of the countries biggest and finest. It is one of the busiest airports in Canada. The airport has a lot of things to keep people busy and occupied with a plethora of restaurants, gift shops, coffee shops, and so much more. Due to the size of the airport, if it is your first time – you may get lost, so if you are not sure always ask for directions and read the signs.

4. Calgary International Airport (Code: YYC)

Calgary International Airport

YYC is Alberta’s biggest and busiest airport. It is own by the federal agency – Transport Canada. The airport is big but efficient with little delays getting through security checkup. The new terminal is state of the art, fresh, artistic and well designed. The staff have been rated as very polite and friendly. Easily in our top 5 rankings.

5. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (Code: YWG)

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Rounding out our top 5 is Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport located in the beautiful province of Manitoba. It is the largest airport in the province and is one of the busiest in Canada. The airport is convenient, and one of the most comfortable airports in the country. Nice place to rest, and relax as you wait for your flight.

6. Halifax Stanfield International Airport (Code: YHZ)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

This is a small airport, but very easy to navigate and move around so the chance of getting lost or missing your flight here is extremely low. The service is good, the staff is friendly, absolutely first class… what is there not to like? Gets you from point A to point B.

7. Edmonton International Airport (Code: YEG)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

At number 7 is Edmonton International Airport. Even though it is small, it is the fifth busiest airport in Canada. This is not a spectacular airport but it is good, efficient, and fast. Checking through security doesn’t feel like a hassle. The wifi is strong, the bathrooms are nice and clean.

8. Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport (Code: YOW)

Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport

Located in the nation’s capital, McDonald-Cartier International Airport is one of the smallest airports in Canada and is Ottawa’s main airport. But don’t let its small size fool you, it is clean, comfortable, modern and one of the most efficient airports in the country. It is easy to from point A to point B, so chances of you missing your flight are rare unless you are late to the airport or simply too distracted and are not keeping track of time.

9. Victoria International Airport (Code: YYJ)

Victoria International Airport

Small but easy to navigate and get around, beautiful inside and out… as well as clean. The airport is located in Victoria, British Columbia – the province’s capital city. Some people have expressed to us planes usually depart later than scheduled, so that is something to keep in mind and expect but other that it is a good airport.

10. St. John’s International Airport (Code: YYT)

St. John’s International Airport

Located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s International Airport is a nice airport. It is also small like many on this list, but it is also very efficient and does the job of getting passengers from point A to point B very well. It is a modern and clean airport, friendly staff who are very helpful.

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11 Places To Visit In Canada

Canada has so many historic, beautiful, and wonderful places to visit… making it literally impossible to list them all on one page, so we will list them throughout the site. But for now, we bring you, these 11 must-visit places in Canada.

1. Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

A MUST visit if you’ve never been here. There is a special feeling when you are on Parliament Hill. A sense of pride, a sense of security. It is the dwelling place of the government of Canada; where all the most important decisions are made. It is a place that has welcomed Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, and almost every high ranking official in the world. Being on “the Hill” is as if you are standing on Holy Ground… it is that special.

2. CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower – one of the most iconic buildings, not just here in Canada but in the world. It is synonymous with Toronto’s skyline. It is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western world, so you are going to be treated to absolutely stunning and breathtaking views of Toronto. A must visit as well, and we highly recommend you visit at least once in your life if you have never visited.

3. Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls – Ontario

Niagara Falls

Truly, this majestic place is one of the natural wonders of the modern world. Every time we are at the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls), I am inspired and filled with great appreciation for life and nature. Make sure you bring a camera and take plenty of pictures while you are there. It is a combination of the American side and Canadian side… of course, the Canadian side is much, much better! Witness nature in all her glory.

4. Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick

If you have ever wondered where the highest tides in the world are located, then look no further than the Bay of Fundy, located between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Pictures on the internet do not do this place justice. When you get there, take a moment of silence and just take it all in… because there is nothing quite like it.

5. Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay – British Columbia

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay – British Columbia

Unbelievable beauty, one of the most beautiful places Gardens on Earth, a modern-day “Garden of Eden” from the bible. “WOW” is a typical reaction for almost all newcomers to the Gardens. This is an excellent place to take your family, partner or friends. The best time to go is in the summertime, from June to August. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.

6. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

Absolutely awe-inspiring. It does not matter what your religion or creed… you must visit this masterpiece. A National Historic Site of Canada and a treasure of the nation. We would be surprised if the word “wow” does not come out of your mouth as soon as you walk into this place. It is one of the oldest Basilica in the world, opened in 1830.

7. Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City

Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City

This castle is royalty. Quebec City would not be what it is today without La Frontenac! In almost every single picture of this historic city, you will see this magnificent hotel somewhere in the background. It is one of the best hotels in the world, and one of the most impressive architecture. It is also a National Historic Site of Canada.

8. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

You will need at least 2 full days to see everything that this magnificent museum has to offer. It is the largest museum in Canada. It offers amazing exhibits from all over the world. A must visit for every Canadian and foreigner out there.

9. Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Constructed in 1832, long before Canada became a nation, the Canal is a masterpiece and was and still is one of the greatest human engineering feats of modern times. It is of such importance and significance that is has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ottawa would not be the capital city of Canada if it were not for the Rideau Canal.

10. Capilano Suspension Bridge – British Columbia

Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you love adventure, then this place is for you. An excellent and fun place to spend the day with friends or family. A must visit if you are in Vancouver. A once in a lifetime experience.

11. Banff National Park Of Canada

Banff is breathtakingly beautiful and is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the world. A must visit once in a life time for anyone living in Canada and visiting. Chances of regret by visiting? 0%!!

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