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  • Saskatchewan Facts

    Saskatchewan Facts

    Saskatchewan is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada, where it borders Alberta and Manitoba. The province covers an area of around 600,000 km2. Saskatchewan was initially established as a colony in 1881 and became a province in 1905 when it joined Canada. Saskatchewan’s population is also one of the fastest-growing populations among other provinces. 1. The capital […]

  • Saskatoon Facts

    Saskatoon Facts

    Saskatoon consistently rates one of the most fun cities in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. The city is culturally diverse and offers an urban art culture. The most popular tourist attractions in the city are the river walks, Midtown Plaza, and the Western Development Museum. The population of Saskatoon was 273,010 in the 2017 census. 1. […]

  • Regina Facts

    Regina Facts

    Regina is a city in the prairies of Canada. It is located 217 meters above sea level, close to the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 11. Two hundred sixteen thousand three hundred ninety-two people were living in Regina according to Census 2016, and it is growing at a rate of 1%. Regina is the fourth largest city […]