13 Amazing Facts About Victoria

Get to know the beautiful city of Victoria with these amazing facts.

Not long ago… I was talking to someone who joked around and said Victoria doesn’t have much to offer and only as one nice building (referring to the Fairmont Empress Hotel). That is not true at all, Victoria as so much to offer. Check out the 13 facts about Victoria below.

1. Incorporated as a city in 1862, Victoria is the capital city of the province of British Columbia.

2. The city has a population of just over 86,000. Slowly rising every year, so hard to know an exact number at any given moment.

3. For our British friends, if the name sounds familiar, it is. The city of Victory is named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland (20 June 1837 – 22 January 1901).

The Parliament of British Columbia

4. Victory is actually located on Vancouver Island, a surprising number of people think it is located on Victoria land.

5. Victoria is home to North America`s second oldest Chinatown. San Francisco is number 1. The oldest in Canada.

6. People in Victoria love their golf; the city has over 15 golf courses.

7. The Fairmont Empress Hotel is the most famous building in Victoria.

8. The city sits on an earthquake zone, as a matter fact, the entire west coast from California to British Columbia is under an earthquake watch.

9. Victoria has the highest number of bikers in Canada, not surprising since it has beautiful weather almost year round, no snow or windchill. It has been nicknamed: Cycling Capital of Canada.

10. It is estimated that over 40% of people either; take public transportation, walk or bike.

11. The weather – lowest temperature ever: -15.6°C on December 29/1968, and highest temperature ever: 35.3°C on July 23/2004.

12. Even though it is small, Victoria has over 70 city sparks.

13. A short 25 minutes drive away is the beautiful Butchart Gardens, one of the best tourist attraction in Canada and in the world.

Butchart Botanical Gardens

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