13 Fun and Cool Facts About Calgary

Calgary is one of the best cities in the world, one of our favourites.

If you ever want to feel like you are in Texas… then Calgary is the place to be. Close to the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, Calgary has it all – nature, plus a beautiful skyline. Calgary is a beautiful cosmopolitan city located in the province of Alberta. It is one of the youngest cities in Canada but has rapidly and quickly morphed into one of the best cities in the world and for many good reasons as you will soon discover below with these 13 fun and cool facts about Calgary.

1. Calgary is the 4th largest city in Canada. It was founded in 1875, and incorporated in 1894 officially as a city.

2. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and its financial and commercial centre.

3. The Calgary Tower is a staple of the city, much like Toronto‘s CN Tower, a must visit. It is the tallest structure in Canada outside of Toronto. It stands at 626 ft.

4. Calgary is one of the top 5 cleanest cities in the world.

5. The city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, which helped spark its growth.

6. The Calgary Stampede is the best annual event in all of Canada. It is a celebration of Western culture, community spirit and heritage. It is a 10 days event of a variety of shows and entertainment. This year, the festivities start: Friday, July 5 – and ends on Sunday, July 14. It attracts millions of visitors every year, a must see for everyone! The first one was held in 1912.

A crowd during The Calgary Stampede

7. Calgary has had rapid growth over the past decade and is still one of the fastest growing city in the world.

8. The Calgary Zoo is not the biggest in Canada, but it is one of the best in all of North America.

9. The city of Calgary is home to a lot of millionaires, it has more millionaires per Capita than any other Canadian city. It is a city of entrepreneurs.

10. Calgary’s population is young, it is dominated by people in their mid 30’s.

11. The is home to two major sports teams; hockey (Calgary Flames – National Hockey League) and Canadian Football – the CFL (Canadian Football League – Calgary Stampeders).

12. In terms of weather, Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada even in the winter. It is a dry, mild, cold and sunny city. It enjoys all 4 seasons; winter, fall, spring and summer.

13. Immigrants love Calgary, over 28% of the population come outside of Canada… and as such over 120 languages are spoken.

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