Cool and Interesting Facts About the RCMP

The RCMP is Canada’s national and federal police force. RCMP stands for: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They have royal in their name because of their service in the South African war of 1899 – 1902. And the word Mounted because they relied on horses as a mode of transportation back in the day.

17 Cool and Interesting Facts About the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

1. The RCMP stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canada’s federal and national police force.

2. Once upon a time, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) used to be known as the North-West Mounted Police in 1873.

3. The North-West Mounted Police was Re-branded as the RCMP on February 1, 1920.

4. The first prime of Canada; Sir John MacDonald founded the North-West Mounted Police in 1873.

5. The RCMP’s main mission when it was established was to keep the peace in Western Canada.

6. Women were not allowed on the main policing force until 1974.

7. Regina, Saskatchewan is where all new cadets train before joining the force.

8. After every 5 years of service, members receive a star.

9. The RCMP is responsible for policing in 8 provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

10. It provides policing to over 190 municipalities.

11. 184 native communities – Inuit and Métis, the First Nations.

12. Only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec have their own provincial police forces and do not rely on the RCMP. But all RCMP members have powers of arrest same as normal/local police.

13. The RCMP’s Motto is: Uphold the law.

14. The force’s dog training centre is located in the town of Innisfail, Alberta.

15. Brenda Lucki is the first female to hold the position of Commissioner on a permanent basis. She is the current commissioner.

16. The force has well over 28,000 members.

17. Headquarters are located in Ottawa.

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