Facts about Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is beautiful little province facing the Atlantic ocean. It has a lot of interesting history and has seen rapid growth over the years with a lot of people flocking to its capital Halifax.

Here are 18 very cool facts about Nova Scotia.

1. Halifax was established as the capital of Nova Scotia by the British Empire.

2. It was first settled by the French in 1605.

3. The people of Nova Scotia have a nickname: Bluenosers. It was originally given to the British troops based out of Nova Scotia.

4. The official language of Nova Scotia is English.

5. The province has an economic value of about 43 billion dollar. This is based on the provinces’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The province’s total economic output.

6. Nova Scotia is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. So it is 1 hour ahead of Ontario.

7. The capital of the province is Halifax, also the largest city.

8. Nova Scotia is one of the 4 provinces that make up “Atlantic Canada”.

9. The province’s official motto is: One defends and the other conquers.

10. It is the 2nd smallest province in Canada behind Prince Edward Island.

11. The province has a population of just over 960,000.

12. There is a very strong connection between Nova Scotia and Scotland. The name “Nova Scotia” actually means “New Scotland” in Latin. Their flags share the same colours of blue and white, and an X.

13. Even though the flag has been used for over 150 years, it became official recently in 2013. Nobody thought to make it official.

14. You cannot go more than 60 KM without seeing a body of water.

15. Even though the province has long cold winters, Nova Scotia enjoys all four seasons: winter, summer, spring and fall.

16. Even though its current headquarters are located in Toronto, The Bank of Nova Scotia – commonly known as “Scotiabank” was founded in Nova Scotia. It is the 3rd largest bank in Canada.

17. Nova Scotia is home to the FIRST ever The first IKEA store in Canada to be opened in Halifax – 1977.

18. The province has 100 provincial parks, and about 2 national parks.

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