Facts About Oshawa

Time for facts about Oshawa! Still under the radar to most Canadians and foreigners, the city of Oshawa is full of life and energy, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada with a population of 166,000 and growing.

  • Oshawa is a city located in the province of Ontario not far from Toronto. The word Oshawa is an Indian word which refers to a stream crossing.
  • Oshawa is home to General Motors Canada. It used to be called the Automotive Capital of Canada and still is today.

  • According to StatsCan, Oshawa is the 6th best place in all of Canada to find a full-time job. Not surprising, a lot of manufacturing jobs here.
  • Parkwood Estate is a National Historic Site of Canada. It used to be the home of General Motors of Canada’s founder Samuel McLaughlin.
  • The city is growing at a rapid pace – one of the fastest in the country.
  • In addition to General Motors, the city is also a powerhouse in other manufacturing; metals, furniture, electrical appliances, woolen mills and other things are manufactured in Oshawa.
  • Even though most people do not know, Oshawa is a favourite destination for film and TV producers. Certain films and TV shows were filmed in Oshawa, such as XMen (certain scenes).
  • Oshawa was incorporated in 1850.
  • The city is right on the north shore of the famous Lake Ontario.
  • The city has an official population of 166,000. Making it one of the largest cities in Canada.
  • The city’s airport is the only one with the word “executive” in its name: “Oshawa Executive Airport”.


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