Facts About The City of Edmonton

There is a misconception that Edmonton is a boring city. That is not true at all. Is it boring compared to a mega city like Toronto or bigger cities like Montreal and Vancouver? Maybe… but Edmonton is a beautiful city with a lot to offer.

1. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, and the second largest behind Calgary. It was founded in 1795 and incorporated as a city in 1904.

2. Edmonton is the 5th largest city in Canada with a population of just over 1 million people.

3. Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in Canada. It is also the biggest tourist attraction in Alberta with over 25 visitors every year. The Mall literally has everything, including the biggest indoor wave pool in the world. This mall alone will keep you busy and entertained for a few days.

4. Edmonton is free of rats, in fact you will not see a single rat in the entire province Alberta.

5. Climate; the city enjoys 4 seasons – summer, winter, fall and spring. Winters are very cold, and summers are nice and warm. Coldest ever winter: – 48.3°C plus windchill, it felt like it was – 61°C. This happened back on January 26/1972. The coldest day in the history of Edmonton.

6. Edmonton is home to two important sports teams, the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL) and The Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

7. The city started off as a trading post for the Hudson’s Bay company in 1795.

8. Founded in 1924, and with over 6000 works of art… the Art Gallery of Alberta is the oldest institution culture of in Alberta.

9. During the winter, Edmonton gets approximately 7 to 8 hours of daylight.

10. Edmonton was hit by a very powerful tornado in 1987 that injured over 300 people and killed about 27 people. It had wind speeds of up to 258 mph.

11. If you love to golf, then live in Edmonton, it has over 60 golf courses.

12. Located across downtown Edmonton is the beautiful Muttart Conservatory, a man-made natural oasis, it is a botanical garden and greenhouse. It is one of Edmonton’s premier landmarks and tourist attractions. The architecture is based off the Egyptians pyramids of Giza. The beautiful plants and flowers in this will put your mind and spirit at ease. An excellent location for weddings and various events.

13. Edmonton is often referred to as “Festival City”. It hosts on average 30 festivals every year.

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