Fun Facts About Brooks Alberta

Located in the prairie province of Alberta, most Canadians and our foreign friends have absolutely no idea that the city of Brooks exists. So… in our cities series of facts, it is time to show some love to small Canadian cities from coast to coast. Below you will find some fun and interesting facts about Brooks Alberta.

1: Brooks was established on July 14/1910 as a village. It officially became a city in 2005 (September 1).

2: The city is an environmental and agricultural city.

3: Before the city was established, the area used to be a hunting ground for Buffalo by the natives of Crow and Blackfoot.

4: The city is named after an Engineer from Calgary who worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway. His full name was Noel Edgell Brooks. The city is only a mere 2 hours or so from Calgary and not far from the US border.

5: The city is located in South-East Alberta, and has a population of almost 15,000 people.

6: It is not known for this by many, but Brooks is one of Alberta’s most active gas fields. So the oil and gas industry is very important to the city.

7: The city is small but has a very diverse culture; with over 100 languages being spoken. So because of this, it is sometimes referred as the “City of 100 Hellos.”

8: City believes strongly transparency, and as such you can find all the city’s end of the year financial statements online.

9: Brooks has one of the best economies anywhere in Canada. Most people here work and this is reflected in its very low unemployment rate of 2.9 percent. The city attracts a lot of job seekers because of this.

10: Unfortunately for Brooks, the low unemployment rate comes at a price. It has a major manufacturing industry, so a lot of people work at these meat packing and processing plants among others that emit a cow like smell in the air that permeates and fills the city. You can smell it as you are entering the city. But people get used to it once they are in the city. This is the major reason some people come in work, then leave.

11: If you love hiking, fishing, and hunting, the visit Brooks.

12: The Brooks Aqueduct is a Provincial and National Historic Site. It is a short 8 KM southeast of Brooks, by Trans-Canada Highway 1. It was built over 90 years ago (1912) by the Canadian Pacific Railway. It is a very important piece of history to the province of Alberta. It was a very ambitious  and daunting project at the time.


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