Largest Telecommunications Companies in Canada

In this article we rank the biggest in terms of revenue, telecommunications companies in Canada. Canada consistently ranks in the top 3 in the world when it comes to how much their customers pay; the average Canadian pays $55 a month in cell phone bills, internet or home phone. The first two companies have a tremendous influence on the industry, some even call it a monopoly. The big 3 control 90% of the Canadian telecom market share and own acquired over time a lot of the other smaller companies like Fido and others. Canadians pay through tooth and nail for their wireless services, us included.

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) Inc

The richest telecommunication company in Canada is BCE Inc, otherwise known as Bell. They have an estimated annual revenue of 20 billion dollars a year. The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with offices in all of Canada’s biggest cities. They have businesses far beyond just telecommunications; they are in a variety of businesses including entertainment and media. They are also in the top 20 of the biggest companies overall in Canada.

Rogers Communications Inc

The second biggest is Rogers. Started off as a family business by the late great Ted Rogers. Aside from the internet, cable television, mobile and phone services… Rogers also has a variety of businesses such as entertainment, media and real estate. They are by far most ambitions of the companies on this list, they even own the baseball team – Toronto Blue Jays. The company headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Telus Corporation

In third place is Telus Corporation. One of Alberta’s pride and joy. They are the biggest in the province. They are mostly in the telecommunications business and also IT consulting industries. Headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have estimated annual revenues of 13 billion dollars.

Shaw Communications Inc

Also an iconic Alberta based company, they are mostly in the cable television and internet business. They have an estimated annual revenue of 5 billion dollars. They are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Most of their client base are located in British Columbia and Alberta. They are Rogers’ main competition in the cable television business.


Based in Montreal, Quebec – Canada, this telecommunications company primarily serves the people in the province of Quebec, and a little bit in Eastern Ontario. It has grown in population in the years and has taken some market share from the two biggest companies Rogers and Bell in Ontario and Quebec. It also provides service in certain parts of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

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