Quotes By R. B. Bennett

The Right Honourable Richard Bedford Bennett, was the 11th prime minister of Canada who’s administration was plagued by the Great Depression which caused a lot of trouble and hardship for many Canadians. Things were so bad that people were personally sending letters to the prime minister asking for financial and other types of assistance. Being a wealthy businessman and lawyer, he helped many Canadians by sending them financial aid personally. Mr. R.B Bennett responded to hundreds of letters. He was a very generous man.

1. A Prime Minister can be accommodated to any type of colleague, but there is a limit beyond which tolerance can go. Ignorance can be excused, but treachery is an unforgivable sin in the conduct of government.

2. The West is not the whole of Canada, but the potentiality of Canada’s destiny is wrapped in it.

3. Canadians have the right to a system of broadcasting from Canadian sources equal in all respects to that of any other country.

4. Such as I have 1 consecrate with myself to the service in which I am.

5. The whole structure of our national life must be built upon the thought that everything that is good we seize upon and everything that is bad must be rejected.

6. I propose that any government of which I am the head will at the first session of Parliament initiate whatever action is necessary to that end, or perish in the attempt.

7. In the last five years great changes have taken place in the world… The old order is gone. We are living in conditions that are new and strange to us. Canada on the dole is like a young and vigorous man in the poorhouse … If you believe that things should be left as they are, you and I hold contrary and irreconcilable views. I am for reform. And in my mind, reform means government intervention. It means government control and regulation. It means the end of laissez-faire.

8. The west is not thinking, the west is drinking.

9. I am 65 years old. When one reaches my time of life, ambitions dim, the love of power dies, the plaudits of the multitude can scarce be heard, its condemnation is just as meaningless.” – Therefore I speak without much thought of my place in the national scene after polling day. I want you to think without like or dislike of me. I will speak only as your interests require me to speak.

10. Are we fighting the English or the Germans?

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