Responsibilities of All Canadian Citizens

We posted an article about the rights of Canadian Citizens, and now it is only right that we also post responsibilities as a Canadian Citizen. Every Canadian has certain responsibilities, some you must abide and some are mandatory.

You Must Obey the Law

This one is self explanatory – no one is above the law. Not the prime minister, not the politicians, not the MPs, not the government or its agencies, not the Supreme Court, not the police or the Army. Absolutely NO ONE is above the law. The rule of law was made clear by our founders. This also applies to visitors on Canadian soil.

You Must Vote

Voting in elections is not only a right but it is a responsibility as a Canadian Citizen. It is what makes our nation a democracy.

To Defend, and Protect Our Environment & Heritage

It is the responsibility of every Canadian to defend and protect Canada’s cultural, natural and architectural heritage. Protect Canada now and for our kids and grand kids and so on. Do not pollute the environment, and avoid waste.

You Are Responsible For Yourself And Your Family

This is an important Canadian value. Every Canadian is encouraged to get a job and contribute to the Canadian society. Work is also very important for a person’s self-respect and dignity.

You Must Help Others in the Community

Always help the needy whenever possible without expecting anything in return in any form. Canadians are admired for their generosity and kindness across the globe. This act of kindness starts here at home in our own communities.

Jury Duties: serving when called upon is your duty and responsibility as a Canadian. You are legally required by law to do so. Impartial juries made up of citizens always works better and make the justice system work better for all.


What do you think? Should these be amended? Let us know in the comments below.

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