Some of Canada’s 6 Biggest Attractions

Canada is not just the second biggest country in the world, but it is also home to some of the biggest things in the world. There are way more, but below we highlight some of the biggest and coolest attractions that Canada has to offer from across the country. And no, these pictures are not photoshopped, they are real!!

1. The Big Apple – Colborne, Ontario

The world’s biggest Apple! No, I am not talking about New York City, I am talking about The TRUE “Big Apple” along Highway 401 in Ontario – Canada. It is a huge apple shaped restaurant with tons of apples, pies, and some really neat and delicious bakery goodies. This place is Disneyland for Apples, red apples, green apples, yellow apples… every apple you can think of, you will find it here.

2. Largest Hockey Stick in the world – Duncan, B.C

Largest Hockey Stick in the world – Duncan

Located in Duncan, British Columbia, this hockey stick is 205 ft long, and weighs a staggering 62,000 pounds! It is the largest hockey stick and puck in the world! It was approved by the government of Canada specifically for the 1986 Expo games in Vancouver. It has been on display since May 21, 1988. It does not get any more Canadian than this! It is in the Guinness World Records.

3. Big Nickel – Sudbury, Ontario

Big Nickel

Welcome to the world’s largest coin “the big Nickel”. It is located in Sudbury – Ontario at the Dynamic Earth science museum, one of the coolest museums in Canada. It is truly a shame that there isn’t as much public awareness of this coin and museum because it is a must visit. Visitor consistently give it a 5/5 and so do we! If you are into mining, then this place will be your paradise.

4. World’s Largest Dinosaur – Drumheller, Alberta

World’s Largest Dinosaur

This magnificent thing is located in the cute town of Drumheller – Alberta should you ever want to visit. They haven’t admitted this but we bet Disney wished they owned this giant dinosaur in one of its theme parks! Oh and another thing… it is not just for public display, people can actually go inside of it and climb up inside all the way to the top – the cost is $10.50 per family.

5. World’s Largest Axe – Nackawic, New Brunswick

Standing at 49 ft tall and weighing over 50 tons, this is the largest Axe in the world. It is a sight to behold as you see it from a distance in amazement. Definitely, a must see whenever you are in Nackawic or nearby. It is very easy to find, so you will not miss it.

6. Biggest Fiddle in the World – Cape Breton Island – Nova Scotia

Biggest Fiddle in the World

If you are a musician and you love to play the violin or any kind of musical instrument then we hope you will have deep sense of appreciation for this – the biggest Fiddle in the world. It is located in Cape Breton Island – Nova Scotia at the beautiful Port of Sydney.

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