Most Popular Hotels in Canada

Upon popular request by travelers from all over the world to create a list of some of Canada’s most popular hotels, we have obliged. There are hundreds upon hundreds of hotels and resorts in Canada, so it is impossible to name them all, so we have taken 10 hotels that we think deserve mention. If you disagree with this list or think a certain hotel deserves mention, let us know in the comment section.

1. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec city

A world-renowned majestic castle overlooking Quebec City. The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is not just an iconic structure here in Canada, but one of the most iconic and well-known buildings in the world. It is the bride and joy of Quebec – one of the “photographed” structure in the world; almost every tourist snaps a picture, professional and amateur cameramen and women of all ages have taken photos or created videos and so much more. It is truly a magnificent building, it is more than a Hotel… the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is a symbol of excellence, a symbol of history, a symbol of royalty.

Location is perfect, so you are in walking distance to restaurants, shops, museums, amazing views of the river and so much, much more. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.

2. Fairmont Royal York

Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto

Welcome to the Fairmont Royal York hotel – declared by many Torontonians as the best hotel in the city of Toronto, and we do not disagree. It is a world class hotel, and as soon as you walk in, you feel as if you are royalty. It is a “who’s-who” hotel, meaning almost every big name celebrity, foreign government officials, Royals from Europe, and anyone you can think of has stepped foot in this hotel.

NBA teams visiting the Toronto Raptors stay here, NHL teams, as well as other professional sports teams usually stay here. If luxury is not your thing… this place will give a new appreciation of the finer things in life.

3. Ritz-Carlton, Montréal

Hands down, the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal is a 5 star hotel and one of the very best in Canada. They have one of the highest standards of any hotel in the world. Spacious and beautiful rooms, attentive staff, exceptional service… you will not be disappointed! It is pricey but you get what you pay for, you are paying for an excellent experience, and excellence is exactly what you will get. It is centrally located, so the location is also perfect.

4. Fairmont Empress

The Empress Hotel in Victorua

Even though it is one of the oldest hotels in Canada – built in 1908, The Fairmont Empress is a high-end hotel that is unique, special and magical. An unforgettable experience in the tea room, a charming and gorgeous gift shop, charming and elegant rooms, and so much more. It is beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. It has so much history, and prestige that it has been named a National Historic Site of Canada. The best hotel in Victoria, the capital city of Vancouver.

5. Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square

Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square in Toronto

Expect to be treated like royalty here because they will. The Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square is an excellent hotel, and although it is rated as a 4 star hotel, you are getting 5 star level service and attention. The hotel is located in downtown Toronto with some breathtaking views.

6. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, Vancouver

Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

Top-notch dining, excellent location in downtown Vancouver, the service is very good, the food is delicious… what more can one ask for? You will have an amazing time here, relax, kick back and take it all in. The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa will not let you down.

7. Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver

Living Shangri-La hotel

If you want personalized hospitality from one of the best hotels in Vancouver, then there is no better place than the Living Shangri-La hotel. This beautiful skyscraper in downtown Vancouver is also a condominium apartment. It has it all; location, views, service, support… you name it, the Shangri-La has it. It cost over 300 million dollars to construct this high-rise, so you best believe you will get your money’s worth.

8. The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto

Anyone who has ever stayed at The Ritz-Carlton knows what it is all about – a first class hotel. This magnificent glass high-rise in the heart of Toronto is simply one of the best. You are getting luxury and quality of the highest caliber.

9. Fairmont Château Laurier, Ottawa

Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa

If you took away the Château Laurier, Ottawa would not be the same. It is a staple building in the city, an iconic building that has welcomed royalty, celebrities, professional athletes, and so much more. It is one of the best hotels in Ottawa, right next to the Parliament buildings, and other iconic buildings. It is a majestic castle of greatness – one of the most photographed buildings in the world. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.

10. Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Owned by billionaire Shahid Khan, this is one of the most recognized hotel brands in all of Canada. The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto does not disappoint in upholding the high standards that it is known for. When you book with this hotel you KNOW you are getting the best service and attention possible.

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