Best Airports in Canada & Airport Codes

Canada & the United States are not particularly known for having the most beautiful airports, but in this article, we feature 10 of the best airports that Canada has to offer; some are small, some are big but they are all efficient, fast, and get the job done. Ranked in order, these are the best airports in Canada.

1. Vancouver International Airport (Code: YVR)

Consistently rated the best airport in Canada and internationally, Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond. It is the second busiest airport in Canada. It has won multiple awards here in Canada and on the world stage. Without exaggerating, it is truly a world class airport, beautifully designed with public comfort in mind. Some airports are way too big, thus it is always a race against time to get to your terminal and some are too small, feels overcrowded and just uncomfortable – not YVR, Vancouver’s airport feels just right. The signage, the design, architecture, etc… definitely deserving of number 1.

2. Toronto Pearson International Airport (Code: YYZ)

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Huge airport, modern, and very nice… Pearson International Airport is Canada’s biggest and busiest airport. The airport is named after one of the most popular Canadian prime ministers – Lester B. Pearson. It is big and extremely busy, one of the busiest in the world. Its huge size, unfortunately, makes it easy for newcomers to the airport to get lost and thus miss their flights, so signage could definitely be improved. Nonetheless, this is a first class airport and one of the best in the world.

3. Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Code: YUL)

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Named after one of Canada’s longest-serving and popular prime ministers – Pierre Trudeau, the Pierre Elliot International Airport is a premier airport in Canada, and one of the countries biggest and finest. It is one of the busiest airports in Canada. The airport has a lot of things to keep people busy and occupied with a plethora of restaurants, gift shops, coffee shops, and so much more. Due to the size of the airport, if it is your first time – you may get lost, so if you are not sure always ask for directions and read the signs.

4. Calgary International Airport (Code: YYC)

Calgary International Airport

YYC is Alberta’s biggest and busiest airport. It is own by the federal agency – Transport Canada. The airport is big but efficient with little delays getting through security checkup. The new terminal is state of the art, fresh, artistic and well designed. The staff have been rated as very polite and friendly. Easily in our top 5 rankings.

5. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (Code: YWG)

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Rounding out our top 5 is Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport located in the beautiful province of Manitoba. It is the largest airport in the province and is one of the busiest in Canada. The airport is convenient, and one of the most comfortable airports in the country. Nice place to rest, and relax as you wait for your flight.

6. Halifax Stanfield International Airport (Code: YHZ)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

This is a small airport, but very easy to navigate and move around so the chance of getting lost or missing your flight here is extremely low. The service is good, the staff is friendly, absolutely first class… what is there not to like? Gets you from point A to point B.

7. Edmonton International Airport (Code: YEG)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

At number 7 is Edmonton International Airport. Even though it is small, it is the fifth busiest airport in Canada. This is not a spectacular airport but it is good, efficient, and fast. Checking through security doesn’t feel like a hassle. The wifi is strong, the bathrooms are nice and clean.

8. Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport (Code: YOW)

Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport

Located in the nation’s capital, McDonald-Cartier International Airport is one of the smallest airports in Canada and is Ottawa’s main airport. But don’t let its small size fool you, it is clean, comfortable, modern and one of the most efficient airports in the country. It is easy to from point A to point B, so chances of you missing your flight are rare unless you are late to the airport or simply too distracted and are not keeping track of time.

9. Victoria International Airport (Code: YYJ)

Victoria International Airport

Small but easy to navigate and get around, beautiful inside and out… as well as clean. The airport is located in Victoria, British Columbia – the province’s capital city. Some people have expressed to us planes usually depart later than scheduled, so that is something to keep in mind and expect but other that it is a good airport.

10. St. John’s International Airport (Code: YYT)

St. John’s International Airport

Located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s International Airport is a nice airport. It is also small like many on this list, but it is also very efficient and does the job of getting passengers from point A to point B very well. It is a modern and clean airport, friendly staff who are very helpful.

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