Beautiful Shopping Malls in Canada

We are sorry in advance if your city’s mall did not make this list, but coming up 10 of the most beautiful malls in Canada is not an easy task and involves a lot of research. We are certain your mall is just as nice! Anyway, these are our top 10 most beautiful shopping malls in Canada.

1. Toronto Eaton Centre

Toronto Eaton Centre

Located right in the middle of downtown Toronto, this beautiful shopping mall is the most popular shopping mall in Canada. It is even busier than Pearson International Airport! Not only is it the most popular, but it is also the busiest shopping mall in North America. It has almost anything you can imagine, a shopper’s dream. It is clean, modern, and well kept. If you are looking for a fun shopping experience then nothing beats the Toronto Eaton Centre.

2. West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

Welcome to Canada’s Disney Land, ladies and gentlemen – literally. In addition to an amazing shopping experience, it has an amusement park, skating rink, underground waves beach pool… and so much more! This place has it all, you will never get bored here. Your kids would love this place. Did you know that once upon a time back in 2004, the West Edmonton Mall used to be the largest shopping mall in the world?? Even though it lost that title, it is still the largest shopping mall in all of North America. It is the city of Edmonton’s pride and joy… the most valuable property worth over 1 billion dollars. This place is what you call a “mega-mall”.

3. Square One Shopping Centre

Square One Shopping Centre

In second place with the title of largest is the Square One Shopping Centre, located in Mississauga, Ontario. It is not the busiest mall in the province of Ontario, but it is the biggest. This place is huge. It has a lot to offer – good food court, a gym, a lot of different shopping stores, and more. You can find pretty much everything there. If you are done with your shopping, the movie theatre is just a few minutes away from the mall.

4. Montreal Eaton Centre

The Montreal Eaton Centre in downtown Montreal

Located in the underground city of Montreal, this beautiful mall has over 160 stores to please and delight any hardcore shopper. It has a lot of famous brands, restaurants and eateries from all over the world. It’s usually very busy and crowded so plan your trip accordingly. The place is huge so you will be doing quite a bit of walking.

5. Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis at Metrotown in Vancouver

Metropolis at Metrotown is the city of Burnaby’s pride and joy – it is the city’s most valuable property and the 3rd largest mall in Canada. This big beautiful complex has over 400 stores and services. It is a shopper’s paradise. It also has a Walmart and a Superstore, so it has everything you need under one roof.

6. Rideau Centre

The Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa

We are based in Ottawa, so we pass through here at least once a week. Located on Rideau St, in downtown Ottawa – just a short wall to the Parliament buildings, this beautiful shopping mall is one of the busiest and profitable shopping malls in Canada. It is the biggest and busiest in Ottawa. It has 4 levels, with a new and modern food court, varies famous clothing brands, gift shops, and so much more. It has a lot to offer.

7. The Pacific Centre

The Pacific Centre

Pacific Centre or simply “The Pacific” is a shopping mall located in the beautiful heart of downtown Vancouver. It is owned by the commercial real estate developer Cadillac Fairview. As it currently stands, The Pacific is the 7th busiest mall in Canada. A lot of free parking, so the location is perfect. Signs are well placed so you know where to go and what is what, security staff is helpful, and so much more.

8. CORE Shopping Centre

CORE Shopping Centre

Not only does this shopping mall have a cool name but it is perhaps the coolest shopping mall in Canada with its unique architecture and design. It is right in downtown Calgary, so it is a must visit when you are downtown. It is highly rated by many shoppers and has almost everything you need.

9. CF Polo Park

CF Polo Park

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this mall is the largest mall in the city. It is a beautiful and big shopping mall with over 200 stores and services. One of our favourite places is the food court – it has a lot of different food options to quench one’s taste.

10. Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Last but not least on our list is Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This place is a huge shopping mall, just a few kilometres from Toronto’s downtown core… it is one of the best shopping malls in all of Canada. Some shoppers refer to Yorkdale as the “mecca of shopping” and we don’t disagree. It is beautiful, clean, elegant and has everything you need. If you have expensive taste, then the number of high-end stores here will be more than happy to welcome you through their doors.

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