The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

From the most beautiful cities in Canada to the most dangerous cities and towns in Canada. We did not create this list, we took it straight from Statistics Canada, the agency responsible for keeping up with the numbers/score of what is going on with Canada as a country. Most Canadians and our international friends don’t know most of these places nor live in them, but it is good to know.

The ranking below is based on the following categories: firearms offences, impaired driving, youth crime, breaking and entering, and impaired driving, homicide, assaults, sexual assaults and other related drugs and offences.

Of course, this does NOT mean that these cities are bad. There are many good people living in these communities and towns that save lives and do an amazing job – wonderful human beings. Ranked in order from 1 to 10.

1. The city of North Battleford

North Battleford is one of the largest cities in the province of Saskatchewan. Consistently ranked number 1 every year, many people attribute North Battleford’s bad reputation and bad luck to its name. Just a theory, but the founder(s) may have cursed this community naming it “Battle”. Some residents say they witness “things” every week!

2. The city of Thompson

Second on this list is the city of Thompson, located in Manitoba. It is one of the largest cities in the province of Manitoba and has beautiful nature. Mining is the city’s main economy. Unfortunately, crime is high here.

3. The city of Wetaskiwin

Welcome to the city of Wetaskiwin! Strange sounding name. We dare you to out loud fast 5 times… see if you can do it (hahaha). Anyway, it is a proud small city, one of the oldest in Canada. This small town is located in the province of Alberta. Beware of home invasions if you ever move here.

4. The city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Named after a prince, Prince Albert is one of the oldest cities in Canada and third largest in the province of Saskatchewan. It is a nice city, with a lot to offer, but beware of drug trafficking and other drug-related activities.

  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • Population: 36,000+
  • Officially Founded: 1885
  • Website:

5. The city of Portage la Prairie

This little town is older than both Canada and the United States! So this small city of 13,000 residents is teeming with history. It is one of the oldest cities in all of North America.

6. The city of Red Deer

The city of Red Deer is one of the most famous cities in Western Canada namely due to its cute name and association with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It is the 3rd largest city in the province of Alberta. Its two major economies are agriculture and oil. Unfortunately, even though it is on this list, it is a thriving city with a good economy.

7. The city of Williams Lake

The city of Williams Lake is a small community of about 10,000 people in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Unfortunately, this community suffers from a lot of gangs and gun-related violence. But it has a lot of greenery and a gorgeous natural scene.

8. The city of Quesnel

It is a very small community located in British Columbia, also surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains and lakes. It is on the way to Yukon.

9. The city of Langley

It is a city with a lot of history – not far from Vancouver. It is one of British Columbia’s biggest.

10. The city of Prince George

The city of Prince George is a city on the north coast of British Columbia and one of the largest in the province with a population of over 74,000 people. As is typical of most towns and cities in British Columbia, Prince George is surrounded by a lot of green space, and nature… perfect for yoga and nature lovers.

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