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This fun article looks at some of Canada’s streets and why they are important. Canada has millions of streets, but some are more important than others. Have you ever wondered what some of the most important streets in Canada are? If not, then it is time to know your streets! In addition to its history, the value of the properties on that street determines the importance of a street.

Note: As you go through the list, it will become very apparent that this list is dominated by streets in the province of Ontario, which is an accurate reflection of the dominance the province of Ontario has on the Canadian economy, finance, culture and entertainment. It was not easy, we looked at streets across the country, and these are our top 10.

1. Wellington Street – Ottawa, Ontario

Not far behind is Wellington Street for obvious reasons. A very close second; it is home to the federal government – the Parliament buildings. It’s also home to the following: the prime minister of Canada’s office, the Bank of Canada’s headquarters – where all the banknotes in your wallet are made. It is also home to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Library and Archives of Canada, and many other iconic and influential buildings.

2. Sussex Drive – Ottawa, Ontario

Every time a state is visited, the street is adorned in the Canadian and visiting nation’s flags. Sussex is home to many important buildings, but to name a few – the prime minister of Canada and the Governor General live here. The Canada Revenue Agency calls it home, and right next door is the United States embassy and right next to the US embassy is the National Gallery of Canada. Next to the gallery is the Royal Canadian Mint, which is responsible for all the coins in your pocket and for about 80 different countries. There are other embassies, stores, monuments, and so much more.

3. Bay Street – Toronto, Ontario

Bay Street is the “who is who” of Canadian business and enterprise. It is Toronto’s financial centre and the hub of Canada’s financial industry. So if you want to know what it’s like to experience Canadian financial success at the very highest levels, then take a stroll on Bay Street because we do not doubt that you will be inspired.

4. Yonge St – Toronto, Ontario

If Toronto were the capital city of Canada, Yonge St would easily be top 3. It is the longest street in North America and has been designated an Event of National Historic Significance in Canada. Among the many essential buildings in Toronto, it is home to Yonge-Dundas Square, the Eaton Centre shopping mall, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

5. King St – Toronto, Ontario

King St is a commercial and also Toronto’s entertainment district. If you have ever wondered where Canada’s Walk of Fame is, you will find it on King St. What can you find here? The Toronto Stock Exchange, First Canadian Place (Bank of Montreal’s global headquarters) – the tallest skyscraper in Canada, Scotia Plaza – the 3rd tallest skyscraper in Canada, and the Toronto–Dominion Centre.

6. Saint Laurent Boulevard – Montreal, Quebec

One of the most beautiful and charming streets in Canada. It is one of North America’s oldest streets and is Montreal’s cultural and entertainment hub. Canada has designated the site as a National Historic Site. Restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, art galleries, and much more can be found in Saint Laurent. Notable properties include Théâtre Espace Go.

7. Robson St – Vancouver, British Columbia

Located in the heart of Vancouver is Robson Street, one of the most famous streets in Canada. It is expensive to shop on Robson, but you are getting the best of the best. If you are into Asian cuisine, then there is a plethora of Asian restaurants waiting for you at Robson. With over 100 shopping, entertainment, dining, etc.

8. Rue Saint-Jean – Quebec City, Quebec

Saint Jean Street in Quebec City is one of the most famous streets in the province of Quebec and attracts tourists worldwide. Its European feel, charming shops, and restaurants make it a must-visit in Quebec City. You can feel the history as you stroll on this legendary street. We are proud to have it in our top 10.

9. Dundas St – Toronto, Ontario

Toronto would not be the same without Dundas Street. It is a major road connecting Toronto to multiple cities and some of its suburbs. Dundas is home to the Art Gallery of Ontario, one of the most extensive art galleries in all of North America and also shares Yonge-Dundas Square with Yonge St.

10. Rideau St – Ottawa, Ontario

Located next to the famous Byward Market, Rideau St may be number 10 on this list, but it is one of the oldest streets in Canada and the most famous street in Ottawa. Almost everyone in the city and country knows about Rideau St, even if you have never been to downtown Ottawa. It is home to the legendary Château Laurier, the Government Conference Centre, the Rideau shopping Mall, and others.

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