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Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is one of the most visited cities in Canada. It boasts a diverse and lively culture, a bustling nightlife, and tourist attractions that will leave you spellbound. 

If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, you’ll definitely want to make time for these top 10 tourist attractions.

1) CN Tower 

The CN Tower is the most iconic landmark in Toronto and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Standing at 553 meters, it was the world’s tallest freestanding structure until 2007. Visitors can take a high-speed elevator to the observation deck and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and Lake Ontario. The CN Tower also has a revolving restaurant, which offers delicious cuisine and panoramic city views.

2) Royal Ontario Museum 

The Royal Ontario Museum, also known as the ROM, is one of the largest museums in Canada. The museum has over six million items, including art, cultural artefacts, and natural history specimens. The ROM is famous for its dinosaur exhibit, which includes a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Visitors can also explore exhibits on Canadian history, ancient civilizations, and world cultures.

3) Art Gallery of Ontario 

The Art Gallery of Ontario, or AGO, is one of North America’s most significant art museums. The AGO has a collection of over 100,000 works of art, including pieces by Canadian artists such as Tom Thomson and Emily Carr and works by European masters like Rembrandt and Monet. The museum also hosts several temporary exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the work of contemporary artists.

4) Toronto Islands 

The Toronto Islands are a group of small islands located just offshore from the city centre. Visitors can take a short ferry ride to the islands and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, swimming, and kayaking. The islands also have several beaches, picnic areas, and restaurants.

5) Casa Loma 

Casa Loma is a magnificent castle located in the heart of Toronto. The castle was built in the early 1900s and features stunning architecture, including gothic-style turrets, stained-glass windows, and secret passageways. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the castle, exploring its many rooms and learning about its fascinating history.

6) Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada 

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is one of Toronto’s most popular tourist attractions. The aquarium is home to over 20,000 aquatic animals worldwide, including sharks, rays, and sea turtles. Visitors can walk through a tunnel with a 360-degree view of marine life, watch live shows, and even touch some creatures.

7) St. Lawrence Market 

St. Lawrence Market is one of Canada’s oldest and most famous food markets. The market has been operating since the early 1800s, with over 120 vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods. Visitors can also find a variety of specialty foods and international cuisines at the market’s many restaurants and cafes.

8) The Distillery District 

The Distillery District is a historic neighbourhood transformed into a pedestrian-only shopping and dining destination. The district has several restaurants, cafes, bars, and over 40 art galleries, boutiques, and speciality shops. In addition, visitors can explore the district’s cobblestone streets and Victorian-era architecture while enjoying live music and street performances.

9) High Park 

High Park is a large urban park located in the west end of Toronto. The park features over 400 acres of natural beauty, including hiking trails, gardens, and a large pond. Visitors can also explore the park’s many playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities, including tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and a swimming pool. In addition, the park hosts various outdoor events during the summer, such as Shakespeare in the park and outdoor concerts.

10) Yonge-Dundas Square 

Yonge-Dundas Square is a bustling public square in downtown Toronto’s heart. The square features a large LED screen, which showcases live events and performances throughout the year. Visitors can also find several restaurants, cafes, and shops surrounding the square and street performers and vendors selling souvenirs.


Toronto has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant, modern atmosphere. Its top tourist attractions offer visitors various experiences, from exploring historical landmarks and museums to enjoying the outdoors and indulging in culinary delights. So whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, Toronto has something to offer everyone.


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