7 Weird Facts About Canada’s Weather

Very cold winters, almost unbearable amounts of snow, very hot and humid summers, rain, etc makes Canada‘s weather and climate the most interesting and unique in the world. Below are some weird facts about Canada’s weather and Climate.

1. Regina Has The Worst Temperatures Ever Recorded

Bad Weather

Being in the middle of Canada is not a blessing, it is a curse – weather wise at least. Did you know that the city of Regina in the province of Saskatchewan once had the following temperatures? -50C as it did on January 1, 1885, to a scorching high as it did in the summer of 1937 on July 5.

2. A Summer-less Year, 1816

No summer in East Canada

Hard to believe but it is a fact – back in 1816 before Canada officially became a country, there was no summer in the Eastern part of Canada that year. The snow was in full force in the months of June and July… birds dropping from the sky, etc. It was a crazy year! All this madness was caused because of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia causing Sunlight not to penetrate through the Earth’s thick atmosphere. It truly felt like the end of the world at the time.

3. The city of Windsor Gets The Most Thunderstorms In Canada

Thunderstorms in Windsor

Like the saying goes… location, location, location! The place where Windsor is located is the perfect location for thunder to form thanks to the humid and hot air coming from the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months.

4. The King Of Fog in the entire world is Newfoundland

Fog in Newfoundland

Yes… we’ve all seen the crazy fog in Asian countries like China, most of which is caused by pollution but the foggiest place on this planet is the province of Newfoundland. This is due to the warm Gulf Stream from the south and the cold water from the Labrador Current from up north. This cause the province to experience at least 206 days of fog every year.

5. The Canadian Iceberg Alley

This is one of the coolest sights you will ever see in your life – no exaggeration. Just off the North coast in the sea near Newfoundland are pieces of glaciers that came from the Greenland coast that broke off and were picked up by the strong Current of Labrador. These icebergs end up near the coast of Newfoundland.

6. The Bay of Fundy – Home to The World’s Largest Tides

Bay of Fundy

An awesome place to go visit and marvel at mother nature in all her glory as over 150 billion tons of seawater wash in and out – it is a sight to behold, especially when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are in alignment.

7. Canada Is A Nation of The Cold

Another cold fact that many of our friends did not know – Canada is currently neck and neck with Russia for the undisputed title of the coldest country in the world. The cold kills more Canadians every year than any wild and natural event in the country. For this reason, most of the population lives close to the border with the United States of America.

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