Wonderful Facts About Kingston

Kingston is a very important city to Ontario and Canada as a whole. It used to be an important military base for the British Empire, especially during the war of 1812. It was Canada’s first capital city and home to National Historic Sites, military institutions and more. It is a peaceful and lovely city, excellent for raising families.

1. Established in 1673, and incorporated as a city in 1846, Kingston is one of the oldest cities in Canada with a population of over 125,000 people.

2. Built in 1884, Kingston City Hall is a National Historic Site of Canada, a man made marvel.

3. From 1841 – 1844, Kingston was the capital city of the United Province of Canada before switching to Ottawa.

4. Much of Kingston’s downtown was destroyed by a “Great Fire” on April 18/1840.

5. The city is blessed with a high number of limestone, enabling the construction of much of the city’s historic buildings to be built with limestone.

6. Lake Ontario Park is the city of Kingston’s largest urban waterfront park.

7. It is home to Queen’s University, one of the best universities in Canada. Another great college: St. Lawrence College.

8. Kingston is situated near two rivers: St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

9. Kingston is home to the Royal Military College of Canada. The only military college in Canada.

10. Kingston has one of the best Waterfronts in Canada.

11. Bellevue House is a National Historic Site of Canada. It used to be home to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John Alexander MacDonald – from 1848 until 1849.

12. It is home to the following museums; Military Communications And Electronics Museum and the Correctional Service of Canada Museum.

13. Kingston has the second most restaurants per Capita in Ontario.

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