Brooks Facts

The land of cattle and community


In southeast Alberta, Brooks is a small city, situated in the County of Newell. It is approximately 186km (116 mi) southwest of Calgary and 110km (68 mi) northwest Medicine Hat, on the Trans-Canada Highway (Trans-Canada Highway) and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Blackfoot and Crow used the area that is now Brooks for bison hunting.

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1. Where is Brooks located? It is a small city, located in the province of Alberta, not far from the United States border. Brooks is situated in the Grassland Natural Region of Alberta. Brooks is surrounded by a dry mixed shortgrass prairie.

2. Barry Morishita is the current mayor of the city of Brooks.

3. Lakeside Packers is the largest employer in the city, and is owned by JBS Canada, a subsidiary of JBS S.A., a Brazilian protein company. Much of Canada's beef comes from this plant.

4. What is Brooks Alberta known for? Tourists are mostly attracted to Brooks due to its location along the Trans-Canada Highway, between Calgary and Medicine Hat, and for its proximity to Dinosaur Provincial Park, a World Heritage Site known for its dinosaur beds and badlands.

5. How old is Brooks Alberta? On July 14, 1910, Brooks became a village, and then on September 8, 1911, became a town. During the 1911 Census of Canada, Brooks had a population of 486. By the 1996 Census, its population approached 10,093 thus becoming eligible for city status.

6. The city of Brooks has a population of just over 15,000.

7. Why does Brooks Alberta smell? Answer to the age-old question... the real reason for the stench is silage, which is the feed they offer the cattle at the slaughterhouse, just as they do at feedlots and other areas at Lakeside Packers. Additionally, they slaughter upwards of 1600 cattle daily. I used to live in Brooks from 2008 to 2011, so I can definitely confirm that the town smells - but you get used to it.

8. How far is Brooks from Calgary? The distance from Calgary to Brooks is 161.77 km (100.52 miles) in the southeast direction and 188.29 km (117 miles) by road, following the 1E route.

9. How far is Medicine Hat from Brooks? Medicine Hat and Brooks are located 105 km apart.

10. For such a small city, regrettably the crime rate is quite high.