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  • 10 Things to know before moving to Canada

    10 Things to know before moving to Canada

    Our foreign friends highly demanded this article, so we felt compelled to create it – no country is perfect. The most significant complaint people have is the highest cost of living in Canada. Specifically groceries (food), alcohol, bank fees, and of course, the insanely high price of internet, cable television and phone bills. Also, due to […]

  • Canada Weather Facts

    Canada Weather Facts

    For all of Canada’s greatness, unfortunately, it is one of the coldest countries in the world. However, not all of Canada is cold year-round. Canada has four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. But winter is the most extended season of the year, and it gets frigid with several snowstorms. Most of Canada’s over 37 million population […]

  • RCMP Facts

    RCMP Facts

    The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is Canada’s federal police force. They were founded in 1873 by Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada. By 1920, the RCMP saw a need for a centralized group of mounted police to be used as the nation’s mobile police force in the West, areas where a disorganized […]

  • Parliament Hill Facts

    Parliament Hill Facts

    Parliament Hill is where Canada and its politicians govern the country and conducts most of its business. It is located on Wellington Street in Ottawa, Ontario. Parliament Hill consists of four main buildings: the Centre Block, West Block, East Block, and others. House of Commons and Senate chambers are located in the Centre Block. The centre […]

  • Queen Elizabeth II Facts

    Queen Elizabeth II Facts

    From February 1952 until she died in 2022, Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) was Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, and other Commonwealth realms. Historically, no female head of state has reigned longer than 70 years and 214 days. At the age of 96, Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022. Discover some fascinating facts about Queen Elizabeth II […]

  • The Most Prestigious Streets

    The Most Prestigious Streets

    This fun article looks at some of Canada’s streets and why they are important. Canada has millions of streets, but some are more important than others. Have you ever wondered what some of the most important streets in Canada are? If not, then it is time to know your streets! In addition to its history, the […]

  • Myths About Canadians Facts

    Myths About Canadians Facts

    We Canadians love our multiculturalism, hockey, universal health care, and disdain for guns, or so they say. So, we have an exciting read for you below! 1. Guns are bad for us One research institute based in Geneva found that the United States ranked at the top of the list for civilian gun ownership in […]

  • Funny and Weird Canadian Facts

    Funny and Weird Canadian Facts

    Canada is an economically advanced and wealthy country, beloved in the international community, but it is not perfect. In this article, you will discover nine weird, funny and embarrassing facts about Canada. We hope you have fun with this article! Canada is too big for its population. Canada is the second largest country after Russia – it is […]

  • CSIS Facts

    CSIS Facts

    CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) is Canada’s spy agency – and unlike the RCMP, many Canadians do not know they exist. CSIS was established in 1984 and is a civilian intelligence agency focusing on national security domestically and internationally. CSIS agents have the same powers of arrest as police officers to investigate activities that threaten Canada’s […]

  • Canadian Flag Facts

    Canadian Flag Facts

    Our friends abroad have always asked us about the history of Canada’s national Flag, why are the Canadian flag red and white and a host of other questions. Well, we will finally answer all your questions (most of them) here about the National Flag of Canada! So, the Flag was adopted in 1965, replacing the Canadian Red […]