Many foreigners hold inaccurate beliefs about Canadians, shaped by stereotypes and generalizations.

Let’s debunk 10 common myths:

  1. We all live in igloos: No, we have modern homes, just like anywhere else! Our climate varies greatly, with hot summers and cold winters.
  2. Everyone says “aboot”: While some accents may exist, most Canadians pronounce “about” similar to other English speakers.
  3. We’re overly polite: Canadians are generally friendly, but we’re not always excessively polite. We have diverse personalities.
  4. We all love hockey: While it’s a popular sport, not every Canadian is a hockey fanatic. We have various interests and hobbies.
  5. We only eat maple syrup and poutine: Our cuisine is diverse, with influences from around the world. We enjoy a wide range of foods.
  6. We all ride moose to work: Moose are wild animals, not our mode of transportation. We mainly use cars, public transit, and bikes.
  7. We wear parkas year-round: We dress according to the weather, which changes with the seasons. Our wardrobes are diverse.
  8. Everyone is a lumberjack: While forestry is an important industry, it’s not the only profession in Canada. We have diverse career paths.
  9. We’re all fluent in French: While it’s one of our official languages, primarily spoken in Quebec, many Canadians only speak English.
  10. We apologize excessively: While we do apologize often, it’s not always excessive. It’s a cultural norm to express politeness.


These myths can be a barrier to understanding Canadians. Canada is a vast country with a rich history and multicultural makeup. Generalizations simply don’t do justice to the depth and complexity of Canadian culture. To truly understand Canadians, it’s important to look beyond stereotypes and seek out firsthand experiences. This could involve talking to Canadians online or in person, watching Canadian films or TV shows, or even reading Canadian literature. By immersing yourself in Canadian culture, you’ll gain a more nuanced understanding of the country and its people.

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