Vancouver, a captivating city nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and thriving arts scene. While its iconic landmarks like Stanley Park and the Capilano Suspension Bridge are well-known, there are hidden gems and intriguing stories that even long-time residents might not be aware of.

Let’s delve into 15 lesser-known facts that offer a fresh perspective on this beloved city.

15 Little-Known Facts:

  1. Gassy Origins: Vancouver’s original name was “Gastown,” named after “Gassy” Jack Deighton, a Yorkshire seaman who opened the area’s first saloon in 1867.
  2. Hollywood North: Vancouver is often referred to as “Hollywood North” due to its thriving film industry and frequent use as a filming location for major movies and TV shows.
  3. Green City: Vancouver has ambitious plans to become the greenest city in the world by 2020, with initiatives focused on reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy use, and promoting sustainable living.
  4. The Great Fire of 1886: A devastating fire in 1886 destroyed most of the young city, but it was quickly rebuilt with stricter building codes and a renewed sense of resilience.
  5. Stanley Park’s Hidden Gems: Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, is home to hidden beaches, secluded trails, and even a miniature railway.
  6. The World’s Narrowest Commercial Building: The Sam Kee Building in Chinatown is officially recognized as the world’s narrowest commercial building, measuring just six feet wide.
  7. A City of Bridges: Vancouver boasts over 20 bridges, including the iconic Lions Gate Bridge and the Burrard Street Bridge, offering stunning views of the city and surrounding landscape.
  8. The “9 O’Clock Gun”: A cannon in Stanley Park, known as the “9 O’Clock Gun,” is fired every night at 9 pm, a tradition that dates back to 1898.
  9. A Culinary Melting Pot: Vancouver’s diverse population has created a vibrant culinary scene, with restaurants offering cuisine from around the world, including Japanese ramen, Indian curries, and Italian pasta.
  10. The “No Fun City” Myth: Vancouver has shed its “No Fun City” moniker, embracing a thriving nightlife scene with trendy bars, live music venues, and a growing craft beer industry.
  11. The World’s First Narcan Vending Machine: In an effort to combat the opioid crisis, Vancouver installed the world’s first Narcan vending machine, providing free access to the life-saving medication.
  12. A City Built on Indigenous Land: Vancouver is located on the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, and their history and culture are deeply intertwined with the city’s identity.
  13. The “Vancouver Special” Houses: The “Vancouver Special,” a distinct architectural style characterized by its boxy shape and low-pitched roof, emerged in the 1960s and 1970s and has become a local icon.
  14. The World’s Longest Pool: Kitsilano Pool, a saltwater pool located on Kitsilano Beach, is the longest swimming pool in Canada and a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.
  15. A City of Rain (and Sunshine): Vancouver is known for its rainy weather, but it also enjoys plenty of sunny days, especially during the summer months, when the city truly comes alive.


Vancouver is a city of contrasts and surprises, where natural beauty meets urban innovation, and diverse cultures blend seamlessly. From its gassy origins to its ambitious green initiatives, the city’s history and present are filled with fascinating stories and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a lifelong Vancouverite or a first-time visitor, these little-known facts offer a glimpse into the city’s captivating personality.

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  1. The most beautiful city in Canada for sure, but also the most expensive, too many cloudy days, and rain. Also, not to sound racist but too many Asians in Vancouver.

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