Vancouver Facts


Vancouver has the highest density of population in British Columbia. Vancouver has become a major hub for software and biotechnology businesses since the 1980s. It has been called Canada's "brain-hub". Vancouverites have a higher average income than the rest of Canada and are less likely to be in poverty. However, the cost of living in Vancouver is extremely high (highest in Canada, more so than Toronto).

What is Vancouver known for? Among many things, it is known for having beautiful weather, nature, breath-taking views of the mountains, the pacific ocean, Stanley Park, First Nations Art, and so much more.Let's take a look at these awesome facts about Vancouver.

25 Vancouver Facts

1. The History of Vancouver goes back a very long way... all the way back to the 1790s. In 1791, Spanish Captain José Mara Narváez and British naval Captain George Vancouver became the 1st Europeans to explore the region.

2. Vancouver is home to over 680,000 people.

3. The city's total land area is 114.97 km2 (44.3 sq mi).

4. Vancouver is often called the "Hollywood of the North". The city's TV production ranks second to Los Angeles. Feature film production ranks third, after New York and Los Angeles. Productions located in Vancouver are more American than those based in Toronto.

Hollywood Of The North

5. Vancouver's cruise terminal was the fourth-largest in the world as of 2006. The terminal is the main point from which most ships depart for Alaska.

6. The Port of Vancouver is Canada's largest port in terms of tonnage.

7. Vancouver is home to the longest swimming pool in Canada. Kits Pool, located in Kitsilano's Kitsilano neighborhood, is the only saltwater pool of the city. The 137 lanes are almost three times as long as an Olympic pool.

8. Botox was developed in Vancouver.

9. British Properties in West Vancouver were once a neighborhood for upper-class elites. They required a British passport, and excluded non-whites and Jews. It has evolved to be more diverse.

10. Stanley Park in Vancouver covers a greater area than Central Park, New York. It is possible to visit it by bike or walking along the famous Seawall.

11. A few words on Stanley Park: All the grey squirrels were descendants of eight grey squirrel pairs that New York City gave Vancouver back in 1909.

12. The largest tin soldier is located in New Westminster, Vancouver. It is 9.75m tall and weighs in at 4540 kgs.

13. Vancouver is Canada's most expensive and most difficult to afford real estate after Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong.

14. Vancouver's 40% immigrant population is made up of immigrants. Vancouver also has one of North America's largest Chinatowns and the highest number of Asians per capita.

15. Greenpeace is one of the most respected environmental groups worldwide. It was established in Vancouver in 1971. A group of volunteers met for the first time in Gastown's Luna Cafe (also known as Smart Mouth Cafe).

16. Only one wind turbine is currently in operation with a viewing platform at Grouse Mountain.

17. Vancouver celebrated its 1886 anniversary as Coca-Cola was founded. Also when the city was young, there was a major disaster, only a few buildings survived the Great Vancouver Fire of June 13, 1886.

18. Vancouver is the only major city in North America without downtown freeway access.

19. Jim Pattison, a Vancouver resident, is the richest man living in British Columbia. Jim Pattison Group is his Canadian conglomerate that includes businesses from a variety of sectors and industries.

20. Vancouver is a great place to live alone because there are many single people.

Vancouver downtown

21. The two most livable cities are Melbourne and Vienna, followed closely by Vancouver. The index takes into account 30 factors such as safety, education resources, infrastructure, and the environment.

22. BC Place is Canada's first covered stadium. It measures 7,500 sq. metres and is the largest retractable roof anywhere in the world.

23. Vancouver is Canada's second-warmest city, after Victoria. Vancouver enjoys a mild climate but it receives 1457mm per year in rain and an average of 165 days of rain.

24. Vancouver is home to some of Canada's wealthiest neighborhoods, with West Vancouver being the most wealthy. The average household income in Metro Vancouver is $63.000, compared to Richmond's $120.000. Many movie stars, corporate executives and wealthy residents call the waterfront home.

25. The "Big 3", the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and the Vancouver Art Gallery are some of Vancouver's most iconic buildings.

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