Calgary might be famous for the Stampede and its Western vibe, but this dynamic city in the foothills of the Rockies is full of surprises.

Get ready to discover hidden gems and unusual facts about Calgary (Cowtown)!

Mind-blowing Facts

  1. Sunshine City: As the largest city in Alberta, Calgary basks in more sunshine than any other major Canadian city, with over 330 sunny days a year!

  2. Pedal Power on the Plus 15: Calgary boasts the world’s most extensive enclosed pedestrian skywalk system, making it possible to walk for miles indoors during those chilly winters.

  3. Zoo-premacy: The Calgary Zoo is a conservation powerhouse and home to penguins, hippos, and prehistoric creatures in its Destination Africa zone.

  4. Ginger Beef: A Culinary Mystery: This sweet and spicy Chinese-Canadian dish is a Calgary staple – but its exact origins are a delicious enigma.

  5. Fish Creek Park: Massive Urban Escape: This sprawling park is one of the largest in Canada, offering trails, wildlife encounters, and a break from the urban bustle.

  6. Spruce Meadows: Horse Lovers Unite: This world-renowned equestrian center hosts major showjumping tournaments and welcomes horse enthusiasts year-round.

  7. The Calgary Tower: Views from Above: Get a bird’s-eye view of the city and the Rockies from this iconic landmark’s observation deck.

  8. Studio Bell: Music Mecca: This interactive museum celebrates Canadian music history with exhibits, instruments, and even recording studios to try.

  9. Olympic Legacy Lives On: Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, and you can still bobsled or ski jump at the WinSport facilities.

  10. Chinook Winds: Wild Weather: These warm, dry winds can send winter temperatures soaring in a matter of hours – a unique Calgary experience!

  11. Caesar Cocktail Central: The Bloody Caesar, a clamato-based drink with all the fixings, is said to have been invented in Calgary.

  12. Street Art Scene: Calgary’s walls are alive with murals! Explore neighborhoods like Beltline for vibrant street art that adds a splash of color to the city.

  13. Craft Beer Boom: Calgary is a hub for craft breweries, with taprooms and tours popping up across the city.

  14. Science Central: TELUS Spark is a hands-on science center that ignites curiosity in visitors of all ages.

  15. Fort Calgary: A Historic Heart: This reconstructed fort marks the birthplace of the city and offers a glimpse into Calgary’s past.


So, is Calgary more than just cowboys and rodeos? You bet! From its thriving arts scene to stunning natural surroundings, there’s a surprise around every corner. Next time you think of Calgary, picture sunshine, soaring mountains, and a whole lot of hidden wonders.

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