Edmonton might be known for its giant mall, but it’s got hidden depths that’ll make you do a double-take.

Let’s uncover the city’s little known facts below!

  1. World’s First UFO Landing Pad: The town of St. Paul boasts a UFO landing pad, built in 1967 as a symbol of welcome for extraterrestrial visitors.

  2. Rat-Free Zone: Alberta (and thus Edmonton) is proudly rat-free! Thanks to an aggressive control program established in the 1950s, it’s the largest inhabited area in the world without these pesky rodents.

  3. Green Onion Cake Capital: This savory-sweet cake is a uniquely Edmontonian treat. Think green onions, cheddar cheese, and a surprising dose of deliciousness.

  4. Festival Fever: Edmonton’s nickname is “Festival City” with good reason! From folk music to fringe theatre, there’s always a unique celebration happening.

  5. River Valley Wonderland: North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland winds through Edmonton, offering epic biking, hiking, and views galore.

  6. Neon Sign Museum: Edmonton preserves its historic love affair with neon through a dedicated museum that brings vintage signs back to glowing life.

  7. Giant Perogy Power: The town of Glendon boasts the world’s largest perogy, a delicious homage to the area’s strong Ukrainian heritage.

  8. “City of Champions”: Edmonton sports teams have a history of racking up wins, giving the city its sporty nickname.

  9. Mall Mania: West Edmonton Mall was once the world’s largest. It’s still a shopper’s paradise, boasting an indoor waterpark, amusement park, and even a pirate ship!

  10. Galaxyland: Speaking of the mall, this indoor amusement park holds the title of the world’s largest, offering roller coaster thrills without facing the elements.

  11. Home of the Klondike Days: This annual summer festival harkens back to Edmonton’s Gold Rush history with parades, midway rides, and plenty of old-timey fun.

  12. Fort Edmonton Park: This living history museum takes you through Edmonton’s past, complete with costumed interpreters and a time-hopping energy.

  13. Legislative Building’s Reflecting Pools: Perfect for ice skating in winter, wading in summer, and scenic picnics year-round – there’s always something happening at the grand Legislature grounds.

  14. Muttart Conservatory’s Pyramids: These glass pyramids house stunning botanical gardens with diverse biomes, offering a tropical escape within the city.

  15. Street Performers Extravaganza: Edmonton’s International Street Performers Festival showcases mind-bending acrobats, quirky musicians, and artists that defy expectations.

The Takeaway

Edmonton is a city of contrasts – giant malls meet sprawling parks, quirky festivals thrive alongside a rich history, and a love for the futuristic sits comfortably with an old-school charm.

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