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A distinctive identity distinguishes the City of Guelph. With a thriving craft beer scene and a variety of independent eateries, Guelph is a city worth exploring. Within the City’s core are historic buildings, landmarks, and signature cultural facilities that complement the sparkling rivers and picturesque views. Discover Guelph’s neighbourhoods, award-winning festivals, dynamic history, and more as you discover our beautiful City.

Discover 20 remarkable facts about Guelph below!

1. The City of Guelph is located southwest of Ontario.

2. April 23, 1827, was the date of the City’s foundation, and April 23, 1879, marked the date of its incorporation as a city.

3. “The Royal City” is Guelph’s nickname.

4. Although Guelph is the seat of Wellington County, it is politically independent.

5. It is built in the Mississaugas Territory of the First Nation of Credit.

6. In the 1820s, John Galt, the first Superintendent of the Canada Company in Upper Canada, founded Guelph as a settlement.

7. John Smith was the first mayor of Guelph when it was incorporated as a town in 1855.

8. Approximately 150,392 people live in Guelph as of 2022.

9. Throughout the Great Recession, Guelph had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

10. Guelph is the hometown of Colonel John McCrae, who wrote the poem “In Flanders Fields.”

11. Guelph University and a local farmer created the Yukon Gold potato.

12. The University of Guelph Library holds Canada’s most prominent cookbooks and theatre archives.

13. 1460 CJOY was Canada’s first radio station to have a call-in talk show.

14. Guelph’s covered bridge is one of only two in the province. There are no metal parts in its structure, including nails.

15. A Guelph resident invented five-pin bowling.

16. Among all municipalities in the British Commonwealth, Guelph is the only one that owns its railway line.

17. This 16-mile line links CPR and Guelph Junction Railroad. Guelph still owns it.

18. The jockstrap was invented in Guelph in the 1920s by Guelph Elastic Hosiery.

19. In honour of the British Royal Family, the City of Guelph is called the “Royal City”.

20. The founder of Guelph, George the IV, came from a German family of Guelph descent.


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