Iqaluit, the vibrant capital of Nunavut, might be remote, but it’s packed with fascinating culture, unique wildlife encounters, and natural wonders.

Prepare to be amazed by these facts that showcase Iqaluit’s distinct charm and resilience.

Mind-blowing Facts

  1. “Place of Many Fish”: Iqaluit’s name in Inuktitut reflects its rich fishing tradition and the bounty found in nearby waters.

  2. Arctic Urban Oasis: Iqaluit is the largest city in Nunavut, offering a modern mix of amenities and traditional Inuit culture.

  3. Road Less Traveled: No roads lead to Iqaluit! Access is primarily by air or sea, adding to its remote allure.

  4. Inuit Art Showcase: The Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum displays stunning Inuit art, carvings, and artifacts celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region.

  5. Wildlife Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled! You could spot Arctic foxes, snow buntings, whales, or even the elusive polar bear near Iqaluit.

  6. Northern Lights Spectacular: Witness dazzling displays of the aurora borealis, painting the winter sky with otherworldly colors.

  7. Unique Architecture: Spot eye-catching buildings in vibrant colors, designed to withstand the harsh Arctic climate.

  8. Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park: Hike to scenic waterfalls, spot Arctic wildlife, and maybe even find ancient Thule archeological remains.

  9. Midnight Sun Magic: In summer, the sun barely sets, creating an unusual and captivating experience.

  10. Thriving Arts Scene: Local artists create stunning carvings, jewelry, and textiles inspired by their Arctic surroundings.

  11. Foodie Finds: Enjoy fresh Arctic fish prepared with Inuit culinary traditions and influences from around the world.

  12. Throat Singing: A Cultural Treasure: Experience this unique and haunting musical tradition of the Inuit people.

  13. Winter Wonderland Adventures: Embrace the cold with activities like dogsledding, ice fishing, and exploring frozen landscapes.

  14. Building on Permafrost: Iqaluit’s structures are specially engineered to withstand the challenges of building on frozen ground.

  15. Friendly Faces & Welcoming Spirit: Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Inuit people, who proudly share their culture and traditions.


Iqaluit is a place where modern life meets ancient traditions, and where stunning natural beauty blends with a resilient and welcoming community. From its rich cultural heritage to its unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, Iqaluit offers a truly unforgettable Arctic experience. Come discover the unexpected in this vibrant and surprising city at the top of the world.

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