Regina might be known for its flat landscape and government buildings, but there’s plenty of personality hiding beneath the surface.

Let’s discover the unexpected and charming side of this Saskatchewan capital!

  1. It Was Once “Pile of Bones”: Before adopting its regal name, Regina was temporarily called “Pile of Bones” due to the bison remains left on the prairie.

  2. Rhyming Royalty: Regina was named in honor of Queen Victoria – an easy rhyme and a touch of British flair on the prairie.

  3. Home of the RCMP Depot: The iconic Mounties train here! Catch the impressive Sunset Retreat Ceremony with drills and music.

  4. Wascana Centre Wonder: This massive urban park is larger than NYC’s Central Park and Vancouver‘s Stanley Park combined!

  5. Gopher-tastic: Regina has a…unique relationship with its furry Richardson’s ground squirrel residents (aka gophers). You’ll see them everywhere!

  6. Longest Bridge Over Shortest Water: The Albert Street Memorial Bridge holds this odd title – crossing a small stretch of Wascana Lake.

  7. “Where Is That Guy From?” The beloved comedy show Corner Gas was filmed entirely in Regina and the fictional town of Dog River.

  8. Mosaic Stadium Mystery: Locals swear the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team is built on an ancient burial ground…which might explain some unlucky seasons.

  9. Tornado Alley (Sort Of): Regina sees more tornadoes per area than any other Canadian city (though the risk remains low).

  10. “Green” City: Regina boasts over 350,000 hand-planted trees – a testament to prairie folks’ love of a good shade tree.

  11. Deep-Fried Delicacy: “Pickle-Os”, deep-fried dill pickle spears, are a Regina-invented fairground treat surprisingly beloved by locals.

  12. Regina Pizza Phenomenon: Regina-style pizza is known for its oddly satisfying combo of plentiful shredded cheese, small-cut toppings, and a surprisingly thin crust.

  13. No Daylight Savings Time: Saskatchewan keeps it simple – no springing forward or falling back, just steady-set time.

  14. The Dewdney Trail: This historic trail once connected Winnipeg to Fort Steele, BC, and sections of it still exist near Regina for history buffs and hikers.

  15. Secret Tunnels: Rumor has it that a network of tunnels connects old government buildings downtown, perfect for escaping the prairie winters.

The Verdict

Regina is a city with a sense of humor, holding onto its quirky past, embracing its flat-out prairie personality, and adding a dash of the unexpected into the mix. It might not be flashy, but that’s exactly its charm!

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