Charlottetown is known for its historic role in Canada’s Confederation and its Anne of Green Gables charm, but this small city packs a surprising punch of whimsy and fun.

  1. Small but Mighty: Charlottetown is the smallest provincial capital in Canada, yet it boasts a welcoming warmth and big personality.

  2. Confederation Cradle: In 1864, Charlottetown hosted the conference that paved the way for Canada’s nationhood – a historic claim to fame!

  3. Red Sand Central: PEI is famous for its rusty red beaches, but Charlottetown has its share of these sandy beauties nearby.

  4. Cows Creamery: Home to what many call Canada’s best ice cream! Expect creative flavors and hilariously pun-tastic names.

  5. Anne Mania: Anne of Green Gables fever is a real thing here. You’ll find Anne-themed shops, shows, and even red-pigtailed locals.

  6. Tiny but Trendy: Charlottetown’s restaurant scene is surprisingly vibrant, with everything from fresh seafood to hip vegan restaurants.

  7. Victoria Row Revelry: This charming pedestrian street closes to traffic in summer, transforming into a hub of outdoor dining, live music, and festive fun.

  8. The World’s Smallest Library?: A contender for the title, a miniature free library sits on a Charlottetown street, ready for tiny book exchanges.

  9. Haunted Happenings: Ghost tours abound, sharing tales of spooky lighthouses, creaky inns, and the odd phantom ship seen in the harbor.

  10. Peake’s Wharf Prowl: This waterfront boardwalk is a hub of activity, with bustling shops, fresh seafood stands, and boat tours aplenty.

  11. Bottle Houses: In nearby Cap-Egmont, a whimsical village built with colorful recycled bottles will capture your imagination.

  12. Lobster Supper Feast: A PEI tradition! Dig into mountains of lobster, mussels, and all the fixings at a classic lobster supper.

  13. Potato Pride: PEI is synonymous with spuds. You’ll find potato fudge, potato-shaped museums, and plenty of potato-themed souvenirs.

  14. Ceilidh Central: Traditional music and dance parties, called ceilidhs, are an island staple, with Charlottetown hosting many lively gatherings.

  15. Teacup Rock: This sea-sculpted rock formation off Thunder Cove Beach resembles…you guessed it, a giant teacup!

The Verdict

Charlottetown is a city where history buffs and ice cream lovers can happily coexist. It’s a place of captivating contrasts, where big ideas were born in a small-town package, and a playful spirit lives alongside rich traditions.

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