Surrey, situated right outside of Vancouver, BC, is often overshadowed by its larger neighbor. But this dynamic city has a unique identity, surprising attractions, and a whole lot more to offer beyond just being a bedroom community.

Prepare to discover Surrey’s hidden gems!

Mind-blowing Facts

  1. Size Matters: Surrey is the second most populous city in British Columbia, boasting a larger population than cities like Saskatoon and Regina.

  2. Cultural Mosaic: Surrey is one of Canada’s most multicultural cities, with over a third of its population made up of visible minorities and diverse neighborhoods to explore.

  3. Young & Vibrant: Surrey has a young demographic! Nearly half of its population is under the age of 40, making it a city buzzing with energy.

  4. Green City Goals: Surrey boasts over 6,000 acres of parkland and 200 parks, offering ample opportunities to connect with nature within the city limits.

  5. Filming Hotspot: Surrey is a major production hub, hosting film and TV shoots for popular shows and movies – keep your eyes peeled for stars!

  6. Hockey Haven: The Surrey Eagles of the BC Hockey League fuel local passion, drawing dedicated fans to junior hockey action.

  7. Fusion Festival: Celebrate diversity! This massive festival is one of the largest multicultural events in Canada, showcasing music, food, and culture from around the world.

  8. Arts & Culture Thrive: Explore galleries like the Surrey Art Gallery, theaters, and a growing arts scene offering a splash of culture.

  9. Foodie Delights: Discover a thriving restaurant scene serving up everything from authentic Indian cuisine to trendy fusion dishes.

  10. Wineries Nearby: The Fraser Valley is an emerging wine region, and you can find award-winning vineyards within Surrey and its surrounding communities.

  11. Historic Cloverdale: This charming neighborhood within Surrey has a small-town feel, hosting rodeos, antique fairs, and other community events.

  12. Bear Creek Park: This massive park offers stunning gardens, an outdoor pool, a miniature train, an animal sanctuary, and plenty of trails to explore.

  13. Shopping Spree: From the Central City Shopping Centre to smaller boutiques, Surrey has plenty of retail to satisfy your shopping needs.

  14. SkyTrain Connection: Surrey is connected to Vancouver and other Metro Vancouver cities via the SkyTrain, making commuting or exploring the region easy.

  15. Growing Fast: Surrey is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, attracting new residents and businesses with its potential and expanding offerings.


Surrey is a city bursting with diversity, youthful energy, and a growing array of attractions. From its vibrant cultural scene and abundant green spaces to its surprising urban amenities, Surrey is shedding its “suburb” image and emerging as a dynamic destination in its own right.

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