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Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, Canada, is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. With over 700,000 people, Winnipeg offers many tourist attractions and activities. Winnipeg has something for everyone, from museums and art galleries to parks and zoos. 

Here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Winnipeg.

1) The Forks: 

The Forks is a historical site located at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. It has been a meeting place for over 6,000 years and is now a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The site offers shopping, dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities like cycling and skating.

2) Canadian Museum for Human Rights: 

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a national museum located in downtown Winnipeg. It is the first museum in the world solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. In addition, the museum features exhibits that explore human rights issues and challenges around the world.

3) Manitoba Museum: 

The Manitoba Museum is a large museum that features exhibits on the history and culture of Manitoba. The museum has galleries on natural history, Manitoba’s First Peoples, and Manitoba’s fur trade. It also houses a planetarium and a science gallery.

4) Assiniboine Park Zoo: 

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is a popular attraction that features over 80 species of animals worldwide. The zoo is divided into several exhibits, including the Journey to Churchill exhibit, which features polar bears and other Arctic animals.

5) Royal Canadian Mint: 

The Royal Canadian Mint is a national mint that produces all of Canada’s coins. Visitors can take a guided tour of the facility to learn about the coin-making process and view the coin production line.

6) St. Boniface Cathedral: 

St. Boniface Cathedral is a historic cathedral located in the St. Boniface neighbourhood of Winnipeg. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Western Canada and is a beautiful example of French Romanesque architecture.

7) The Exchange District: 

The Exchange District is a historic downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood with over 150 heritage buildings. The area is known for its unique architecture and popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

8) Winnipeg Art Gallery: 

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is the oldest public art gallery in Western Canada. It features over 27,000 works, including Canadian and Indigenous art, contemporary art, and decorative art.

9) FortWhyte Alive: 

FortWhyte Alive is a nature reserve located on the outskirts of Winnipeg. It offers outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and birdwatching.

10) Leo Mol Sculpture Garden: 

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is a beautiful garden located in Assiniboine Park. It features over 300 bronze sculptures by the Ukrainian-Canadian artist Leo Mol. The sculptures depict various subjects, including wildlife, people, and religious themes.


Winnipeg is a city with many attractions and activities to offer tourists. Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature, or art, Winnipeg has something for everyone. These top 10 attractions are just a tiny sample of the many things to see and do in this vibrant city.


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